Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meggie and the Bee Sting

The girls and I went to the aquarium yesterday after naps.  Usually, we go in the mornings, but Kyle's been on a string of night flights and when he's gone in the evenings I like to have specific activities lined up to pass the time until dinner and night night routines.

Going to the aquarium was a last minute decision - not like me at all because I like to plan outings like this at least five days in advance (I'm a total "J" for my Myers-Briggs fans out there) - but I waited to see if the girls even took naps.  Ever since we introduced the big girl bed three weeks ago, I'm never sure how nap time is going to go.  Hopefully, as Meggie gets more accustomed to sleeping out of a crib we'll have more success.

We drove downtown and arrived around 4:30.  We met Lauren there a few weeks ago when she was here and it felt like the perfect time to go.  Most of the crowds had dwindled and we could take our time passing the fish without having to worry about Meggie disappearing into the throngs of people in her excitement. 

We had a really pleasant outing.  Each time we go the girls are a little more interested in the exhibits.  Meggie crying, "Look, Mama!" And picking up the sea urchins, long pointy fingers dripping water.  AV studying the sharks with wide eyes, her face blue with the reflections of water and glass. 

After we visit all the animals, we play in this spectacular new splash park outside - as part of the aquarium.  Going there is my-kind-of-Mama activity.  I know Meggie will be captivated by the water (unless she gets waylaid by the potty, her other fascination) and will zoom in between the fountains with glee for longer than her usual five minutes.  I can set AV down in a puddle and know she'll sit, splashing. 
I relax a little.

As it happened, I was standing shade over AV with one eye on Meggie off to the side.  I saw her leaning over.  I saw her peering.  I saw her studying a bug; I thought it was a big ant.

I opened my mouth to call, "Meggie! Don't touch that bug!"

She's a lover of all things locomotion: dogs, trucks, airplanes, bugs.

And before I could warn, she picked it up, pinching it between her thumb and pointer - and wailed.


There's only one kind of bug that could make elicit that wail. 

She careened her way to me, cradling her thumb.  I did my best to juggle both slippery baby and despondent toddler, shuffling them both dripping to our table.  I tossed AV some cheerios on the ground, forgetting dirt and praying she'd stay put with a bribe.

She was too hurt to cuddle and I finally coaxed her to show me her thumb - a stinger still buried inside. 

With one great sigh I plucked it out and blew, my Mama's breath on that swollen place.  First Aid was called and they arrived with a big canvas bag full of medical supplies. 

Some hydrocortisone cream, two band-aids, and some rifling through the medical supplies later - how like our brave girl that is, enraptured by all things doctorey - she was fully restored, skipping beside me on our way through the parking lot.

I asked her on the way home, Sonic grilled cheese in her hands for dinner:

"Meggie?  What happened to your thumb?"

She batted her eyes.  She cried, betrayed: "That buggy!  It sting Meggie.  It had a red tail."

When I relayed the story of Meggie and the Bee Sting to Kyle last night, he stuffed his head under the pillow to hide his dismayed laughter, how did we get such a girl? 

"A hornet???" He questioned.  "She picked up a hornet??? MEGGIE GIRL!!!"

I think she's quite alright and unphased by the whole thing.  Because this morning at breakfast we asked her what happened with the "deeee" - that's what she calls him.

"I picked up dat deeee and it bite Meggie.  But dat's ok.  A nice lady came.  I got some cream.  Dat make it feel all better.  OK?"  She nods her head from side to side when she talks.  For emphasis.

Oh, that girl of ours.  She is a pistol.  A precious, buggy loving pistol.

And guess what?  I'll see you back here on Thursday morning.  THIS Thursday we're going "live" with the blog's new home.  There'll be a link here to guide you over.  Move's are happening all over this place. :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday Night

We've come to the end of a busy week. 

I picked up a bug somewhere around Houston and was laid up most of the week.  Kyle had night flights which usually makes for an unorthodox schedule for a while.  Both girls have been waking up several times a night - maybe they caught the same thing I had? 

We tried a new church today and brought both of the girls. 

Our little band's been together non-stop since we moved over two months ago.  Kyle and I weren't sure how the girls were going to respond being in nursery today.  We predicted that AV would cry pretty hard - she's in a little stranger anxiety phase right now - and that Meggie would see the other kids and run right in.  But, it turned out the opposite.  AV was dropped off without a tear (she did, though, cry when we picked her up.  The nursery ladies said she did great until she saw the other parents coming in to get their babies.), but Meggie was really upset when we took her to her classroom.  Seeing her like that, crying and begging us to stay with her, was heart-wrenching both because she's never really reacted like that before in a nursery setting and because it made us miss even more acutely our dear church family in Oklahoma. 

Moving is hard. Hard. Hard. Hard.

I keep telling myself that our family is meant to be a military one for this time in our lives and that each member is being shaped by this experience in the way that God means for us to be - growing in our own unique ways according to His plan for our lives, both corporately and individually.  God's teaching Meggie specific life lessons through this move, and at the same time, He's teaching her parents how she needs to be loved on through the moving process.  Hopefully, through it all, we're growing closer to Him.

But to be strong and secure in this promise felt really hard as we walked away hearing her cries from inside the nursery.  By the time we'd dropped AV off and spent several minutes in Meg's class making sure she was as comfortable as possible...and then waited outside her door to make sure she calmed down and joined in playing, we only had 30 minutes left in the service - which made us feel better about leaving her.  Thankfully, her crying only lasted a few minutes as we listened and we were able to be "right back" like we told her.  As we told her over and over after church, we were so proud of how brave she was in a new situation - that she faced her fears with courage - that she did a very hard thing with grace.  And then we gave her an ice cream treat.  Ice cream makes everything better. :)

I'm hoping the leaving gets easier from here.  That we faced the hardest part today and overcame.  My prayers for her big-time right now are for security in her new home and new situations.

We're almost to the big reveal of my new site.  I can't wait for you to see what we've been working on and try out the new feel of the blog.  It will also be nice to get back into the blogging routine.  For the last couple weeks I've been working behind the scenes and haven't been able to share like I want/hope.  I'm looking forward to moving on in our new space.  One thing I'm super excited about in particular is that the new site will have a handy feature for following the blog by email, twitter, or facebook.  These doo-dads will make it much easier to subscribe if you don't have an account with blogger.  Hopefully, it will allow me to have better/easier/faster contact with you, my dear readers.

Before I close out this Sunday night, I have a couple of girl reports that I don't want to forget.

1.  We hopped over to the beach this afternoon after naps.  As we pulled into the state seashore that's across from our house, Meggie announced from her carseat perch:

"Now, Mama.  Listen here.  There's lots of big kids out here today and so we need to be careful.  No no running away.  We need to stay with Mommy and Daddy and to be careful and to hold Mommy's hand at the beach."

She said it with such solemnity and honesty that Kyle and I doubled over in laughter.  That's exactly the speech I gave her when I took the girls to the beach by myself on Friday night. 

2.  We are also proud of our little adventurous eater, AV.  After months and months of questions and frustrations and not eating solid food, she's responding SO WELL to the hypoallergenic formula (it's made from corn and milk-free and soy-free).  So well that even in the last week has shown more interest in eating than ever before.  On June 9 she ate her first "real people" meal - a little of everything we were eating. 

She scarfed down: turkey, brown rice pasta, green beans, and watermelon.  She can put away some watermelon, let me tell you.

And, even though I can scarce write the words, our baby girl will be ONE in less than a week. 


Where did the time go???

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Night

As I was boarding my plane home from Houston to Corpus Christi last night, I received the following text message from my mom:

Haven't seen any new blog posts lately.  Is everyone doing ok? Did u watch the gamecocks win baseball regionals today?

Lest y'all think we're doing poorly, too, rest assured that we're all ok.  It's just been a super busy last two weeks.  Mom and Becca were here all of one week, then my dear friend and college roomie, Lauren, was here part of the next, and then I went home with her to Houston for her baby shower.  Her precious baby boy is due in October and has been much longed and prayed for...I was exhilarated to help celebrate his life in Lauren on Saturday.

I also have to brag that Kyle did an amazing job as stay-at-home, single dad over the weekend with the girls.  The couple times I spoke with him over the phone the girls were going bonkers and not sleeping a wink for him at night, but he persevered with patience and grace.  They picked me up last night from the airport, freshly scrubbed, pj-ed, and happy.  I was happy to see them, too, and rejuvenated to do my job once again on the homefront.

No, I didn't catch the gamecocks that day, but watching them this time of year is my favorite!!!  It all harkens back to cheering for them with my laptop computer resting on my bulging belly.  Miss AV came into the world during baseball playoff season last year.

And, we had a memorable Memorial Day Weekend that I don't want to forget, so I've been waiting until I had some real time to document it and not just stick up something for the sake of sticking up something.

PLUS, I had a deadline for my writing course last week and exciting new developments in the blog world all a happening.  Another good Lauren friend of mine from college - and my grandlittle in Tridelta!!! - has been working hard on redesigning my blog page into something more mine, more "me" - she's been doing the design and I've been trying to keep up and supply things from my end...all to say that the big reveal will hopefully be SOON, but I've needed to focus my nights of writing into my course and the new design. Sometimes I wish I could write about interesting new stuff like the Sonic Seduction attraction advice. But let's see if I can actually delve into that.

We've had new and different things going on of note, too - things that have made us a tad topsy-turvy.  Like, Meggie's big girl bed arrived and we mailed her paci's off to a new baby who needs them.  And I started a cleansing eating regimen that I hope will kick the last preggo pounds.  I hope, I hope, I hope.

I guess this is just a post about not posting and what I want to catch you up on in time. 

Bear with me through these new and different happenings...you won't be disappointed! :)

And because I know the grandmothers will be anxious...
this is what we did for part of Memorial Day and it was heavenly.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Serving today.
Remembering today.
Thankful today.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Saying Good-Bye

These two?  Perfect peas in a pod.  Meggie ADORES my sister, Becca.  ADORES!!!
We said good-bye to Grandmama and Auntie Becca today. They rode down the road with us to the Island's bakery for a late breakfast and then set out for South Carolina.  Every fiber of my being wanted to squeeze into their backseat and go with them.

Go home.

Even Meggie sympathized with me as she peeped up at my mom from her seat at the table and asked: "Meggie go home to Grandmama's house, too?"

You know it's been a good visit with that happens! :)

When the four of us returned to the beach bungalow, I felt so lonely.  The house felt empty.  It's like I confessed to Kyle:

Seeing them here made being here okay.  It's not that they made it feel like home - it's that they brought the familiar with them - and the familiar made everything feel better.

Two months into this move and everything still seems a little new.  I'm learning my way around - even though I haven't ventured much off the main road yet, hee hee - feeling out new life rhythms, memorized our address.

But it doesn't feel like we belong here.  Having my mom and sister for this week, though, brought the belonging to our front door.

And, tonight, without the familiar resting in the nearness of family, I really, really, really miss them.

We all do.

(I'm already dreading next week when I have to fly solo again. :/ )

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hello, World!

What I love about life right now is that I'm starting to love my new home-- KUALA LUMPUR!!

I know I've deprived you of updates for too long but hey, I'm loving our posh and cosy residence here at the KLCC district. It's got a great view and I don't have any complaints so far.

Kyle and I have been blessed to have met such nice people. Life here is good, and it's all going to get better every day.

You guys should come visit us here soon!

xx, Joseph

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Homecoming Visitors

Our Douglass Dog is home!!!  

When I flew home to SC with the girls in February, we took Douglass with us and left him in the care of my parents until we got settled down here in our new home.  It was scary for me to leave him because I didn't know how long it might be before they could visit us and bring him back to us, but I knew he was in the best hands for the duration.

Well, my dad texted about two weeks ago and told me that my mom was on her way with my sister, Becca, and Douglass in tow.  I am so exhilarated that he's finally home with us.  The past four months I've really felt like a huge part of our family was missing...and, honestly, I didn't feel quite like myself without his trusty companionship. 

And I'm so thankful to have this visit with my mom and sister.  The girls are soaking up time with a grandmother, and every night that I've meant to update my blog this week, Becca, Kyle, and I've stayed up SUPER late talking or watching chick-flicks (hey, we've got to indoctrinate Kyle into the world of living with girls, right???) or put-putting on the Island and also at the posh condominium unit at KLCC's One KL

Such a sweet time.

here's a short preview of what we've been doing since they've been here:

there's a redhead sister and a brunette sister in our family, too. :) and I did her french braid! heck yeah, I've still got it...got to get in that girl hair practice.

Becca's and Meg's legs are in the background...

he found three!