Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Douglass' Coat of Many Colors!

We are always amazed at how Douglass seems to understand what we say to him. Okay, so it's probably just in our imaginations...but we have proof from this little video snapshot...now, you can see for yourselves!! Not only is he precious and cute, but he's the smartest dog on the planet!

Our Darling Douglass

Happy Family

Nightly Oklahoma Walks

Tuckered Out in Pensacola

What a dear! Douglass has been my faithful companion ever since we brought him home! He's kept me company during our geographical separation when Kyle moved to Oklahoma and I had to stay behind in Pensacola, a trip to Virginia caring for Grandaddy, and many late nights waiting for Kyle to come home from flying. He's a doll and we love him!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Oklahoma State University

Finally…we have reached a decision! I have accepted Oklahoma State University’s doctoral offer in Counseling Psychology. AHHH! Gasp! When I think of the next five years, I delight in the opportunity to pursue my sense of calling, of vocation, and I am overwhelmed with the magnitude of study hours, class hours, test hours… But, after many, many, many hours of prayer and deliberation, Kyle and I feel confident that we have made the best choice for our family. Classes begin on June 2nd! Sigh…peace at last!