Thursday, July 31, 2008

While Kyle's Away...

9:36 ... I've heard from Kyle TWICE today! This week, while he's been in training, I've tried to think of ways to describe the surreal feeling of knowing he's out there - somewhere - but not being able to talk with him. We've grown so used, in our almost two years of marriage, to the familiar closeness of two who live as one. I feel like my world has been hazy this week without the secure presence of my Kyle. I've tried to imagine his world, at this one moment, so different from mine and send my words of love to him across the many states from Oklahoma from Maine. I count down the hours until he's back (Saturday 5:00) ... at last!

Since Kyle's been away, though, I've led a far from ordinary existence - I've compiled a list of things I've learned and will remember the next time Kyle leaves... Ahem...

1. Never let your car go for 30,000 miles without a check-up. If you do, you will end up stranded in Wichita on I-35, in blazing heat of 105 degrees, with no food but some melty trailmix, waiting on a mechanic from Lockouts and Knockouts. Said mechanic, who arrives 2 hours later, will inform you that your tread has separated from your tire and will request that you follow him to a deserted auto parts shop a mile down the road for a used tire to replace your spare. Used tire will cost $10 - which you will pay because you're afraid for your life and the only thing that will make the day any better is a cold treat from Sonic! (at least it's happy hour).

1a. When you take your car to get checked-out the day after being stranded, you will discover that another tire needs to be replaced, the wheels are out of alignment, and you have two oil leaks. These leaks will have distroyed the valve and the gasket - both will need to be replaced. Oh, yeah, don't forget about the oil change! Said bill for labor and service will be over $1,000.

2. Always carry your bank account number, insurance card, and bank telephone number. If you don't, you will end up stranded in Wichita on I-35 with your insurance company on the phone and no idea which account is which, what your membership number is, or even what your home telephone number is - always memorize this, AT LEAST, or the insurance personel will laugh at you in your stranded position in Wichita on I-35.

3. Never let your dad empty your trash when your dad and sister are visiting. If you do, your dad will smash his finger in the garage door (which, of course, doesn't yet have an automatic opener). Implied rope pulley on said garage door, will cause your dad to BREAK his finger and send you into countless hours of guilt.

4. Always keep track of your keys. If you don't, you will be two hours late for your last final and have to take a taxi cab for at least 45 minutes - which will cost you $137. Replacement car key for the keys you still won't be able to find two weeks later will cost you $16.

5. Never let your dear puppy sleep on your bed. If you do, your dear puppy will get violently ill all over your new bedspread. Said bedspread will need to be drycleaned. Also, your dear puppy will continue to be sick for one day and two straight nights. An emergency vet visit will insue.

6. Always know where your fuse box is. If you don't, you will burn out all the electricity in your bathroom. You will also fry the phone line and not have any idea why the battery is low. Plus, the home warranty worker will always show up when you're walking out the door to babysit, demanding to be shown the corroded faucets and your latest water bill. He will also insult you by saying, "I've called several times with no answer and finally decided to come out!" (Well, my goodness! you think, if I knew how to work my phone or had memorized our home phone number, I'd have been able to check your messages!) When looking at the corroded sink, he will sarcastically remark, "Have you tried cleaning it?" Grrrr - only with Lysol! Bring on the Comet!

6. Finally, always be thankful for good friends. They will save you from all said circumstances with their love and care!

Oh, what memories of my first time without Kyle. Now, if I could only remember how to turn on the lawnmower - our yard is a jungle!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

To my faithful few...

I's been forever!  April - July?!?  What was I thinking?  Well, my faithful few readers, I have been thinking about school, winging weekends, moving, and finals.  As I write this short, skimpy, and long-overdue post, I report that Kyle is safely arrived in Maine for SERE school (survival training) ... sigh ... Douglass and I will be reveling in the comforts of our new home alone for a few weeks until Kyle rejoins us on August 2nd.  Oh, time, fly by, fly fast!  I pray for his safety and strength to sustain his journey into the great wilderness.  I hope he gets an opportunity to run by the ocean - an opportunity he's been longing for - the feel of salt-spray, the sound of seagulls, the sight of sailboats, fishing boats, and cruisers, and the comfort of an east coast homecoming!  

Here, I have four more days of school until the semester's over.  Three papers, one presentation, one transcription, and one final to go and the first semester of my long five years is finished! :)  I promise to post pictures of the new house - sadly, we're still mostly in boxes! Hopefully, time off will result in busy painting, arranging, and general nestingness!  Having come to the end of my last-ditch attempt to procrastinate, I am now off to paper writing...more to follow soon!!