Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Night Reflections

As I write, Kyle is at the OSU football game with a friend. I was ready for a break from Stillwater, and intended to apply myself to my homework. HUH. I am proud to say that no homework got done...or will get done. I am taking the night off! :)

Kyle and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary this week (09.30.06). How can it be that time seems to have been in fast-forward and reverse at the same time? Some days, when I consider all we've done in 2 years, it seems so much longer. Other days, when I still catch myself saying things like, "I'm a college student at Furman. I'm from South Carolina," I think, it cannot be 2 years already!?! We've faced more difficult challenges in our first 2 years than most, I feel, but we've come - or are in the process of coming - to the other side more united, more fulfilled. Already, we've had four addresses, transfered schools, been away during family crises, been separated by distance and grad school, lived in an apartment full of boxes (Kyle) and without anything but an air mattress and tv tray (Shannon) for months, and lost a grandparent. In growing-up and growing together, I find, Kyle and I've confronted real life in ways we never anticipated on our wedding day.

In our innocence, we expected a fairy tale happily-ever-after, a driving into the sunset style of love. Somehow, I realized through our most painful moments and the everyday struggle of melding two (stubborn) lives into one, that we were getting it, our true comes as a sense of unity when you follow the other cross-country in cars loaded full, a partner to vacuum and dust and go grocery shopping when you feel like crying from exhaustion, a sweet voice in the night when you're lonely and far apart, someone to make coffee in the mornings and carry your books out to the car, a friend who says, "I'm proud of you no matter what...and I always think you're beautiful on the inside and out," ... and as a hand that reaches for yours as you mourn, who understands without words. A real life love, in our 2 years, we're beginning to understand the beauty - the quiet peace - the tapestry of togetherness and sacrifice.

I am so very thankful that Kyle and I married two years ago. He is my logical voice, my song in the morning, my sunny day at the beach, my fondest memories, my dream-keeper, and my beloved.

On Tuesday, we ate breakfast by candlelight and rushed to the day's activity. When I got home that night, Kyle was waiting with a clean house and a gorgeous fall bouquet of flowers, wearing his wedding outfit; we ate anniversary burgers by candlelight. After dinner, I fell asleep reading ethics...sigh, that was NOT the romantic ending we were both expecting! :)

trying to get anniversary pics

We celebrated on Friday night with a dinner at The Melting Pot in downtown Bricktown and went shopping for new outfits. (Year #2 = cotton). Douglass was disgruntled that he couldn't come.

still trying...

This is a random picture, but it was such a beautiful fall evening tonight, I HAD to share part of it with you! Douglass and I like to play outside on nights like's a view of our back yard...

you can barely see leaves starting to change

Another random picture, but here's another way Douglass helps me study - notice the blanket? He's so spoiled. Oh, remember earlier in the post about someone being on the verge of tears from exhaustion, well, here's a visual!

me after a day at school = totally haggard!