Saturday, November 1, 2008

October Highlights...Prepare youself - it's a long one!

Happy Halloween...Boo!

This Halloween was our very FIRST in our new home with trick-or-treaters. Halloween two years ago, we were moving into our apt. in Pensacola...Halloween one year ago, we were separated by distance - I celebrated in Pensacola with Dan and Ashli Claytor and Kyle handed out candy in Enid with Todd and Erika Jepperson. Here, our THIRD Halloween as a married couple, we carved pumpkins on the porch, spent $20 on candy for our neighborhood kiddos, anxiously awaited the sound of our doorbell, and ate ghoulishly delicious Halloween-inspired fare!

Mummy Dogs with Blood and Spleen (ketchup and mustard), Monster Fries, Caramel Apples, and Orange Brew

The Stash

Our mighty dog...scared of the punkins

Kyle and his punkin

Kyle and Douglass

still doesn't know what to do with this thing

Me and my Punkin from the "sincerest punkin patch"

Our Fall Wreath...and, oh yes, I made it!

the Orange Halloween claw...Muahahaha

Kyle and his drill...the new way to carve pumpkins

Trick or Treat!


Flower Power

Go Navy...Beat Army!

Nolan's 1st Birthday

We wished Nolan a Happy 1st Birthday with a Navy Pilot Build-a-Bear

Walking Around Tinker

Kyle and I started a tradition of walking around Tinker AFB on Sunday afternoons. The fall weather is beautiful and we love feeling the wind whip through the trees on these afternoon walks. Douglass enjoys them, too! He walked with us for an hour-and-a-half the first time!

Our Family Along the Way

Douglass, Me, and some KC-135s

The Pond at Tinker...Testing out Christmas Card Backdrops

Douglass' Haircut

Douglass received his bi-annual haircut this month. Now, we have to protect the poor little guy from the frigid fall air...

Kaitlin O'Connell's Wedding

We met my dad, brother, and sister in Dallas for my cousin Kaitlin's wedding (10/11). I remember happy times with Kaitlin when we were MUCH younger, but we haven't seen each other in like over ten years. SCARY! What a fun weekend we had! The other O'Connells (my uncle mike, aunt gigi, kaitlin, and ryan) invited us to all the wedding festivities: rehearsal dinner, held in the restaurant where Kaitlin works, bridesmaids' tea, wedding and reception, and Sunday brunch. The wedding, reception, and brunch were all held in the Maple Manor, a beautiful and historic bed-and-breakfast in downtown Dallas. Kaitlin was a vision and we got to know both bride and groom a little better through homespun toasts and hand-written vows. (I wish I had some pics of the lovely couple, but my camera ran out of batteries during the cake cutting! Argh!) As I reflect on the weekend, I am grateful for time to reconnect with family and discover new friends in cousins I remember as 10 years old!

Becca, Me, Dad, and Brent
(Kyle's behind the scenes)

All of us including my Great Aunt Barbara
She came ALL the way from Boston!

While in Dallas, too, we traveled to Fort Worth and visited some nostalgic sights. For Kyle, the hit was driving over base and marveling at the changes. For me, who forgot all make-up and toiletries, I liked being made-over by the ladies at the Este Lauder counter in the exchange!

the brand new navy lodge at NAS Fort Worth (we tried to stay here, but it's all booked up) - it has a spectacular view over the lake...the place where Kyle and I fell in love as seniors in high school! :)

Lake Worth and a Crane

C-40s on the Flight Line