Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Thoughts

Recently, I've been despondent over the brown, drab landscape of winter in Oklahoma. The sloping hills I loved in the summer have been transformed into mounds of ugly, spidery-crab grass. I remembered today how last spring, in Enid, our moods seemed to lift with the budding of flowering trees, as the earth was reborn. It occurred to me, then, that the spring seemed so glorious - moreso than any other spring - because of the contrast between the long, stark winter world and the green of March and April.

So, the winter blues struck again this year and I've caught myself repeating to Kyle, "Ugg! When will spring get here. I just want some flip-flops and green grass and sunlight until 9:00! Oh, to be warm...everything will seem better!" These sentiments, for me, seem symbolized by the dead, dry, brown grass - dried up and dying for the sun's caress. I've been itching to be out of winter...and it's only January - spring doesn't come here for good until about May. I've even resorted to PRAYING to GOD for spring to arrive.

There's the background to the point of this post. You see, Douglass and I took a long walk this morning on my third day off because of ice and snow (Kyle had a three hour delay). We leisurely strolled down the ice-white streets, bundled in our coats, sweaters, and scarves. And, I realized that I couldn't catch even a glimpse of the dreadful, dead, dry, winter grass. I thought, this gift of time and time-out is more remarkable because my prayers were a backwards kind of way: God won't make the seasons change before they're ready, before His time, but He WILL send a change of scenary, a respite from the tumult. Isn't this symbolic of our entire lives? When we're itching for things to move, begging for an answer, a change, I believe that should the timing not be right in which God plans to move or reveal his works, He always sends glimmers of hope...signs that He listens, even if it's to a pitiful voice in Oklahoma, calling out for spring.

After all, it's only January - spring isn't coming until May and if I had to see that brown grass one more day, I would have been in trouble! So, God in His mysterious way, USED the season to bring a change, to comfort my heart...I thought I wanted the grass to be green, but He caused the wind to blow in the ice and snow, and behold, the grass is covered in a sparkling carpet, the brown hidden from my eyes...a gift even better than for what I hoped.

Thank you, God, for this gift and this lesson!

Here are some last pics and clips from our walk which I hope you enjoy...

the pond in our neighborhood not quite frozen over

"These are a few of my favorite things."

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 Day x2

Monday brought treacherous winter weather. Tinker closed early. I was canceled from everything (school, work, clients, everything.) Rejoice! Rejoice! Blessed event from the heavens. Kyle and I were given a rare break from the stressful, hectic, and trying pace of our usual lives. Added to the wintry winds was Tuesday, day #2 of being snowed in together. We snuggled last night listening as the ice rain pelted our windows and roof and were content to dream away the real world. We've spent hours tucked in our winter haven. Kyle constructed a brilliant fire, we turned off all distractions, and played scrabble (without counting points because we are quite possibly the most competitive couple I know and scoring things usually equals grand marital dischord i.e. Kyle sleeps on the couch, I refuse to speak for days, and Douglass is caught in the middle of his bickering parents. ahem.). We also spent time imagining the next snow day, perhaps with more company than the present moment! :) We are thankful, content, and praying for day #3.

p.s. Here's an interesting facet of me that not many people may know. I absolutely love and hope for dangerous weather conditions. Weird, huh? I hope for tornadoes and was sorely disappointed when we escaped Florida without any major weather fiascos. In fact, the only time we heard the tornado siren go off in Enid, I was giggling hysterically in our "safe place" from pure glee. Kyle was running around collecting candles, storm radios, pillows, the like, and I couldn't stop saying, "Oh, I hope it comes close, I hope it comes close!" I love the tintillating trill of reporter's voices when "weather is on the way" and I live for moments when the dopplar is covered in Red or better yet, Black. In another life, I would totally be a tornado get the point. As long as we're safe, to me, there's nothing more comforting than being "stuck" inside with your loved ones as the winds, snow, and ice rage around your door. I always am struck by the sense that I'm living, really living. And, can I just say that I'm thankful to be living off of I-35, the tornado corridor?!?'s to ice, snow, wind, and hail. Bring it on!

Kyle's car lost its brakes on the way down our almost crashed into the house!

Our cozy quarters

So happy to be free!

how can it be possible to love a dog so much?

family pic

frozen deck

the grass froze looking like seaweed made the most tantalizing CRUNCH sound

I love this snow day

Kyle's excited to be playing in the snow

an icey tree finger

my mom bought douglass this flight jacket for Christmas. It says "wing man" on it. Very appropriate for our family and perfect for days like today!

Douggie dog

Snow, snow don't go away...Come again another day!

here's live action footage of my boys...


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Okay...Okay... we go. I've been lax about updating and so much has transpired. First, a little Christmas update:

1. Lauren, one of my dear college roomies, and Andrew, her hubby, came to visit us on their way through to Tulsa and Dallas for Christmas. I wish I had pics - but I wasn't thinking that weekend! :) Hopefully Lauren has some to commemorate the occasion. We lounged, ate, and toured...sigh...what a GREAT start to our vacation. Plus, Andrew found out while they were here that he got Jag for the Army!! Woot Woot! We are so proud of our prestigious and smarty-party friends! :)

2. We took off to Virginia for Christmas. Along the way, we visited with Megan and Jared, two of our friends from Pensacola days. I hadn't seen them in over a year - what a treat! Kyle had to fly home in the middle of our Christmas vacation, so he was unfortunately absent during our reunion. But, the three of us met in Farmville, VA - halfway from Amherst and Richmond and had a yummy lunch at Macados. Lots of fun catching up, looking at shops after lunch, and reminising about our time in Florida. THEY just found out that their next stop in Navy-land is to Whidbey Island, Washington for the next three years - soooo jealous!! :)

Me and Megan

3. For New Years, Kyle and I drove to Boone, NC to visit my aunt, uncle, and mom (who drove up from Columbia). While there, we took day trips and saw Jillian and Amanda, my other dear college roomies, and Jen - my mentor, friend, and role-model. I count myself innumberably lucky to have seen these great loves in my life!

4. The trip ended with a LONG trek back to Oklahoma. Kyle and I calculated our number of hours spent driving in the car over break... dun duh dun... a grand total of: 48 hours!!!
Needless to say, by the time we got home, all three of us (douglass included) vowed never to drive ANYWHERE AGAIN...or at least not for a very LONG time!!! We shall stay in Edmond, OK or bust...or maybe fly...whichever comes first! :) At some point in the journey, I looked back to check on douglass in his seat, and found him peering at me as if to say, "My stomach hurts, we've been driving forever, all I can see are these little bars in my crate, if I have to stay in here one more hour, I'm going to run away from you at my first opportunity...but first, I might throw up just to let you know how disgusted I am!" His expression here captures, for us, our general feeling on the last crippled leg of our drive.

Ha! Notice his side-folded ears: doug code for frightened, sickness, or uncertainty

5. Kyle's big Christmas present was his very own basketball goal. On a surprisingly sunny day in January - a break from the bitter cold - we lounged in the fading sun, watching Kyle conquer the game...

6. On MLK day, a luxurious break from the first week of school, Kyle and I finally made it out to the Oklahoma City Zoo. Our day there was sweet...we rambled through the exhibits, ate a picnic lunch, and enjoyed the sunshine. Here are some pics from the day:

an ostrich

kyle and the ostich

a giraffe

three giraffes


Saturday, January 17, 2009

A New Year

January 2009 - a new year! School started last week with a bang! I feel fortunate that Kyle hasn't gone on his first deployment (we were given a projected date of February 23) yet so that he can help with the transition from time off to NO time once more! :) I started work at a new location: Stillwater Domestic Violence Services. I'm excited for the new challenges and a new experience.

More to come: updates on the Christmas break, visits with cousins, and Kyle's basketball goal...