Saturday, March 28, 2009

Frustrations and News

I now fully believe in the "pregnancy brain," baby-making hormones firing, don't-know-where-my-mind-is phenomenon. Here are a FEW of the things I've forgotten lately:

1. We have staff meetings EVERY Tuesday at 8:00 am. No deviations, no's always at 8:00. THIS Tuesday, I looked at the clock at 7:55 am and realized that I had to be there at 8 - not leave my house at 8. Too bad we live an hour from work - no hiding that one!

2. My mother-in-law's birthday present...which we bought in December. Have no idea where that one is.

3. To reset my school password. I went to do my on-line homework today (not to mention the on-line class I TEACH), and because I missed the deadline for resetting my school password, I'm locked out of everything - email, on-line classroom, everything. ALL of the directions for the two research projects, case presentations, and class assignments I had set to do this weekend are on lock down. Plus, you can't get in to reset your password without a password. HUMPH.

4. My prenatal vitamin the other day...yeah.

5. I scheduled myself for two "presentations" on the same day.

6. My phone number.

7. Every other word I try to say.

Here's my conclusion: I've decided that I adore being pregnant...I love the feeling, the anticipation, the preparation...but I can't do without my brain! I need it back, Baby!

On the other hand, maybe my "brain" has gone nesting. I've caught the urge to make room for baby. I've been perusing Craig's List, Babies R Us, Target, yard sales, and consignment sale, making lists, and collecting furniture. My preparations so far include:

1. A practically new Graco baby swing from craig'slist.

2. A baby play gym from craig'slist.

3. A baby stroller and car seat swing from craig'slist.

4. Changing table pads, dust ruffle, nursery clock, toys, and 0-3 clothes from the JBF consignment sale.

5. Baby blocks and rattle from a yard sale.

6. I've updated our registry at Babies R Us and have made one for Target. I haven't posted anything at Target yet because I'm trying to figure out which things are less expensive/good quality from either store. Hence, our registry is consolidated for now at Babies R Us.

There's so much to do - the physical preparations are a good distraction from the "are we really ready and equipped to be parents" question. I'm grateful for nine months to become fully ready - physically, spiritually, and emotionally for parenthood.

ps...Pics to be posted soon of my baby treasures!