Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Douchebags" and "Hot Chicks" ... right ...

Such was the title and theme of Kyle's squadron's recent Change of Command dinner. (I'm hoping the title will explain the hideous look on Kyle's face in this pic!) I do not understand nor "get" why this is funny...but, apparently the Navy does. Sigh...there are many things about the Navy-ness of my life that I do not understand nor "get" and I'm coming to the realization that most of these things I probably will never understand nor "get." Oh, if I only knew what was to come when I said, "I do" on 09.30.06. :)

The night was an exciting break from our normal routine. Kyle had to leave on Monday, but flew back in for Wednesday and the COC dinner...only to fly back out on Thursday. The occasion marked my first outing in a genuine maternity dress (and my silk shawl from the silk market in Bursa, Turkey) and Kyle's first outing wearing...hmmm...two pastel, collar-popped golfing shirts and sideways baseball hat. All he needed was some bling. We arrived at the downtown Petroleum Club around 6:15, had cocktail hour followed by a three-course dinner, and hilarious (and sometimes hostile) entertainment. We were able to sit with Amanda and Jesse, our friends from Enid who are also in Kyle's squadron. The night ended around midnight and we retired home, exhausted.

Beyond this one night, we've been working on various projects around the house. I've got three weeks left in my semester and of teaching (thank goodness because I don't think I could make it otherwise) packed with projects and finals, Kyle's in the middle of installing a garage door opener, we bought a paint sample for the baby's room (next step - finish clearing everything out of the study), we're preparing for a yard sale April 24, 25, and 26, and making summer plans. This place is a whirlwind and I sometimes feel like one tiny little dust particle swept hither and yon!