Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Time is Drawing Near...

Baby Time is drawing near! I thought I would include a checklist of the schedule we've got going on until the BIG D-Date. (I also just realized that we have NO recent pictures...what? On my long day of updating the blog for the summer, I hope to have some!)

7.26.09 VQ-3 Baby Shower
7.27.09 Three LAST papers due for Multicultural Counseling
7.29.09 LAST day of Summer classes (and last day of school for me until Spring semester)
7.30.09 Hopefully someone important returns home for good...or at least a little while! :)
7.31.09 HUGE baby prep day (wills done, shopping done, organization done, done, done - maybe)
8.1.09 Date night - could be the last!
8.2.09 Diana's day and Pregnancy Pictures
8.3.09 Transfer consultation when my clients will be assigned their new counselors
8.12.09 Baby Care Class
8.14.09 LAST day of work!
8.21.09 Official Due Date