Saturday, August 15, 2009

Belly Parade

Come along with me and Baby on a Belly's been quite a few 10 months!

two days before we got the news...4 weeks along

8 weeks along...thought I was showing but obviously NOT

16 weeks along...Kyle came home from his first deployment this night and I whisked him away for a romantic weekend downtown (this was about the point when morning sickness went away and I started feeling like myself again)

20 weeks along...Easter Sunday (Today, I felt HUGE...again, obviously NOT)

April 15, 2009...the first day a stranger asked if I was expecting!

28 wks along...our Beach Vacay

38 weeks along...almost there! (I wonder where the 10 weeks went between 28 and 38?)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Crazy Old Coot or Wizend Prophetic Soothsayer?

Our pace-of-life has slowed considerably, with Kyle home until the baby's born and yesterday being my last day of work, we've nestled ourselves away in the treehouse to wait for Baby's arrival. We're a week away from our official due date and the calendar's cleared - all in expectation of the joys, responsibilities, and demands of labor, delivery, and newborn-baby care.

Today, Kyle and I went to our 39 week check-up. For the last three weeks that I've been checked, Dr. Cox has reported, "No change...but, the baby's head is right there," as if urging us to stay positive that there is, indeed, a baby on the way. BUT, he proclaimed today that I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced - ta dah! progress! :) He scheduled us for our appointment next week - Friday, 8/21 at 10:50 am (our due date) and said that we would plan any interventions as we go along. We love Dr. Cox's accommodating, patient style - Kyle and I are hoping to go into labor naturally and want to avoid induction if at all possible given baby's health and safety.

After our appointment, we sought out one of our favorite sub shops along the Turnpike to Mercy Hospital. We were past the normal lunchtime rush, so the shop wasn't crowded when we entered. There was only one other couple in the shop besides us - an elderly husband and wife equally aged and cracked with wrinkles and wisdom. As we were ordering our subs, the wife caught my eye. She was studying me with the air of someone experienced, sizing me up with the eyes of someone who has seen many a baby born into the world.

"Ma'am," she questioned in a soft, raspy tone, "are you having a girl baby?"

"Actually, we don't know - it's going to be a surprise."

"Well, it's a girl baby; I don't get too many of them wrong. She's still up a little high, but she's dropped a little bit. I'd say you're looking at right about another week - you're going to go next Friday or Saturday. When's your due date?"

(Gulp. A girl? You mean, I could really be having a daughter? I could be the mother of a daughter? Oh my - this whole pregnancy, minus the month of April, I've thought I was having a boy...but it could, it really could be a little girl in there! Smile, smile, smile...)

"A week from today - Friday, August 21st."

"Yep," she nodded, "I thought so. That's a girl baby you've got there. Oh, and you better prepare yourself for an 8 lb-er." Her eyes continued to sweep up and down my frame.

Now, I've heard so many things from everyone with an opinion to share. Boy, girl, twins (heh.) - everything. And beyond giving a polite response, I really haven't paid much attention. Whoever's in there isn't giving any clues. I've carried "high" like a girl, but "far out" like a boy...I've got a "watermelon" like a girl, but a "basketball" like a boy. The heartbeat was in the high 160s like a girl...until May when it's since been in the 130s and 140s like a boy. We've confounded every known old wives' tale out there.

But, the sub shop lady was was like she she had telescopic vision into my uterus, into my soul. And, for some reason, I believe her...I now officially change my prediction to a "girl baby in there" (with red, curly hair) - coming either the 21st or 22nd - a good, ole 8 lb-er!

On her way out the door, she said these last parting words: "You better get ready, she's a-comin'!"