Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Michigan Spring Break

We're back from Vacay in Holland (Michigan)! I intended to write a lengthy, involved entry detailing the numerous fun things we did, but I'm worn out from the week back to the grindstone. In short: Meggie FINALLY met her great-grandmother, two uncles, and several Michigan cousins. Yay! Kyle and I also spent our first night away from Meg in celebration of my 26th birthday. Kyle picked out a romantic location in Sagutuk which was right on the Kalamazoo River. Meg did fantastic - I think we missed her more than she missed us, but then again, she was in very good hands! Contrary to many doubts before the fact, We survived and even surpassed our expectations of two sixteen plus hours in the car with a 6.5 month old. Thank you, Meggie girl, road-warrior! On the last leg of our journey, we even stopped by to see my dear friend from college, Leslie, and her husband and sweet little boy, Landon. All of us were so spoiled by the rest, attention, and lack-of-responsibility that our first week back home was exhausting, lonely, and super hard work. As we look ahead to Kyle leaving for Safety School in Pensacola (tomorrow) and a whole month of finals for me, we tremble a bit. Please pray that we would maintain our sense of family even through separation and demanding days and that we would still make raising Meg our top priority as "work" pulls us in different directions. Thank you, Michigan family, for hosting us, encouraging us, and loving us. We miss you!


The picture below - taken before church today - captures our Meggie girl during this phase of life. She's active, curious, never still, loves to jump. Here she is squirming out of my arms - gotta love her assertive personality: :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hello 63 Degrees!

Beautiful, breathtaking day! The sun is shining, the air is crisp, birds are chirping, whispers of spring are all around us! Our transplant lilly from Boone is even beginning to poke new, green shoots through the earth, seduced by warmth after winter. Meggie and I celebrated by taking a long stroll around the neighborhood, listening to the sounds of our Oklahoma home. She can follow your finger now when you point, and appears to be listening, learning. After our walk, Meg ate a big lunch of green beans, sweet potatoes, AND applesauce. In her own way, she kept asking for more, more, more please. For the past twenty minutes, she's been independently playing in her exersaucer, allowing me to finish my case study posts for school and type this entry. We are happy in our little life here in the middle of the country, and take joy in small details of spending each day together! On to nap and getting ready for the bi-weekly trek to Stillwater...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

6 Months and Dr. Reed

Meg and I just got home from our six month check-up with Dr. Reed. We love Dr. Reed! Not only is she young and smart, but she gives us the "mommy" perspective along with the "doctor" perspective on Meg's ailments. In other words, she says things like: "well, this is what I would do if she were mine" (giving 1/2 teaspoon zyrtec before bed to clear up her congestion) and "my youngest did that, too, this is what worked..." In spite of Meg's lingering virus, Dr. Reed gave us a clean bill of health; she's on the mend! Meg weighs 18 lbs. 4 ounces and is 28.5 inches long. Her weight has slowed down a little to the 90%, but her height is still holding strong at over 100%.

Kyle and I are having a night time issue with Meg right now. For the last two-and-a-half weeks, Meg wakes up at the same time each night. We can hear it coming on the monitor. She starts with whimpers in her sleep which build to an all-out, intense, wail. When we go in to comfort her, she pushes us away, but cries harder if we put her down to check a diaper, for gas, etc. She cries uncontrollably for up to an hour sometimes. If we get her calmed down, she almost falls asleep but then winds back up again. Eventually, she will go back to sleep for the rest of the night. I'm not convinced it's hunger because if I nurse her, she will fall asleep within minutes. I've cut out all the solid food that we've tried except for rice cereal to test for allergies, but she's still waking up. Could be her teeth, but she wakes up even with Tyelenol. Last night, she projectile vomited when I picked her up...so it may be gas related?? This phenomenon only happens at night (at roughly the same time) and she's our happy Meg during the day. What a mystery! I brought our concerns up to Dr. Reed today who said that she's most likely waking up because of either her teeth, reflux, or night terrors. She wants us to try giving Meg Tyelenol before bed for the next several nights - if that doesn't work, she wants us to fill the reflux prescription and give that a go. Moms/nurses/child experts out there...got any ideas? We're open to suggestions!

Meg skipped her morning nap to go for our appointment, so she was exhausted by the end. She fell asleep in her car seat on the way home and even stayed asleep when I moved her from the car to her room...she's been asleep in her carseat in her room for the last two hours - oh my! Go girl!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sick Baby

From Meggie Girl's perspective:

It's been almost two weeks, and I'm still sick. To make up for all the fun things I've missed like the last class of infant massage, a play date, and seeing my Sunday School friends at church, Mama let me watch a video about colors and numbers that I got from Santa Claus! She cuddled me up in my blanket made by Auntie Jilly with my favorite teddy bear and toy AND let me practice drinking out of my very own sippy cup. I was so excited to watch my video that I even sat still for 35 whole minutes! Mama sure was proud of me!...especially because she had time to make out our grocery list (after my nap, we went to the store to get chocolate chips for surprise cookies for Daddy). I may have a runny nose, a wheezy throat, and a cough like a freight train, but I still had a terrific day!

Being sick sure hasn't dampened by adventurous side! Look what I was up to when Mama came to get me out of my crib after a nap: