Friday, April 30, 2010

A Creepy Crawler

She crawls! ...everywhere!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pensacola Paradise

Kyle's been in Pensacola ALL MONTH being certified as a Safety Officer...last week, Meg and I got to tag along AND stay in the luxuriously renovated BOQ - we did have to get creative in our sleeping arrangements and tucked Meg's pack-n-play into the bathroom. HA! Our little family had its beginnings in Pensacola (can it really be almost four years ago?!?). In between seeing old friends, lounging on the beach - okay, it was really more like: "Meg! Sand is a no-no eat!" "Oh.My.Goodness - how are we ever going to get this sand out of her diaper?" "Meg, it's okay......the ocean is just like a big bathtub!" - eating at our favorite restaurants, and basking in being together, we spent our time reminiscing about those sweet beginnings - and planning what we would do and where we would live if we're ever sent back. Enjoy this little slice of Pensacola Paradise:

We packed so much into our few days together, that most of the time our active girl looked like this:'s taken me an hour to put this post together because I keep having to get up and remind Meg that it's, "Night Night time." She's figured out how to pull herself up to standing in her crib and now finds that activity more amusing (AND pulling down the video monitor while she's at it) than going to sleep. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I updated Cabin Fever! Check it out - just follow the link by clicking on the title of this post! camera has been MIA at Erika's house since Easter last week - oops! Sorry for no new Meg pictures - I did, however, try to post a video of her eating cereal er...feeding douglass cereal, but my video camera didn't have enough juice to upload. Will work on it!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Swing Away the Day

Meg's first time in a big girl swing!

We have had marvelous weather this week - enough to lift the spirits and make us believe that spring is truly on the way. Today, Meg and I went to a nearby park. She had a great time swinging on the big girl swings - I was a little nervous that she would topple upside down, so I spent the time hovering around, letting go only to take a couple pictures. Meg enjoys watching other kids playing and took in the abundance of other park-goers celebrating in the weather with us. I look forward to the time when she's old enough to join in on the running around, sliding down slides, and hanging from monkey bars. One almost gets the sense that she longs for that time, too, the way she studies the movements of those around her.

We made it home in time for her nap, and she's snoozing with the windows open. We hear a plethora of birds chirping and that old, OK wind singing down our chimney. The hummingbird feeder twirls in our window. A pesky pile of leaves that I spent her nap yesterday sweeping up are back - swirling and pounding on the front door. Douglass is curled next to me...the only thing missing is our Kyle.

More to follow - I'm thoughtful today, but running out of valuable time in order to straighten up the house before the Meggie girl wakes up. Wanted first, though, to share this day with you, too!