Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back in the Trenches

We're back in the trenches. Meg and I have been sick with "a cold" for the last few weeks. Then, this weekend, she spiked a high fever. I took her to the doctor on Monday thinking she was probably suffering from an ear infection. Her ears looked good; flu and strep cultures were negative; but, according to her chest x-ray, she most likely has both asthma and viral pneumonia. Now, she's on an oral steroid, an antiobiotic (just in case it's bacterial), and nebulizer treatments. Since Monday, we've been secluded in the house, watching more tv than Meggie ever has in her whole little life (she's most comfortable when we're just cuddling on the couch), reading books, playing with blocks when Meg feels up to it, and just making up the sickie rules as we go along. For example, her appetite is way low and I needed her to eeeaaat. So, we took an outing down the road to Sonic for a chocolate milkshake. And, that's what she had for lunch and I'm okay with that.

The toughest parts so far have been the chest x-ray which they did on Monday and the first couple nebulizer treatments. Because I'm pregnant, the lab technician wouldn't allow me back where they were taking the x-rays, so she had to call in two extra nurses to "hold" Meggie down in place for the picture. The whole time, Meg could see me through the glass wall and I kept saying, "It's okay, Meg, Mama's right're doing great!" And I felt so helpless because she just kept screaming, "Mama, mama, bah-bah (her blanket), mama, bah-bah," to me through the window while frantically signing "all done, all done." The first nebulizer treatment was torturous because I basically had to pin her down on the floor so that she would keep the mask on (which delivers the albuterol). I think she realized, though, that it was helping her because by the end, she was just sitting on my lap breathing in the steam and when I shut the machine off she said, "uh-oh, uh-oh." Oh, how much more precious can you get? She went through a lot for a little 15 month-old and I'm so proud of how brave she was through all the procedures.

We're thankful for a team of pediatricians that are invested in Meg's health and felt the need to be so thorough in coming up with a diagnosis as well as for the nurses who held her when I couldn't. We're also grateful for friends and family that have been calling with support and for a kind neighbor who ran to the grocery for necessities yesterday. We're batting down the hatches, putting on our helmets, and "getting through" until Kyle can make it home to help. And, oh dear, to we need him to be home! If you pray, would you remember us in your prayers and ask for a swift return to health for both Meg and me, but especially for my little girl who is so unlike herself right now?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

14/15 Weeks

Yesterday was Kyle's big 27th birthday. I kept pestering him about what he wanted to do - you can choose anything, it's your day! what do you want to eat, where do you want to go, etc. His only request: I just want to be at home with my family...and with nothing to do. He works hard at his job and doesn't get much time just to "be." So, we tried our best to honor his request and just "be" with our little family. I did get him to take my first pregnancy photo, though. :)

This picture was taken at the end of a long day. Ignore my crazy hair - it's what happens when I'm home all day chasing little ones. At least Kyle said he thought I looked beautiful when he got home from work and that I'm "so cute" when I'm pregnant...bless him! We both agreed, though, that something happened with the pregnancy in, before yesterday no one could tell I was pregnant and then today, "voila!" Could the baby have tripled in size during the wee hours? I guess it's really true what they say: you suddenly "pop" a lot sooner with other pregnancies after your first. It was a good day to take the first picture.

How Far Along: 14 weeks (I turn over weeks on Sunday, so I'm almost to 15.)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Eeek. The last time I checked a couple days ago, I had gained about 8. With this pregnancy, I was A LOT more sick than with Meg, so I actually lost a couple pounds during the height of morning sickness. And, at this point with Meg, I had already gained about 12-15. I'm a little nervous about going to see my midwife tomorrow because at my first appointment (4 weeks ago), I had only gained one pound...and now I'm up to 8.

Maternity Clothes: I've made the leap into maternity pants this week. I lasted as long as I could in regular, and then I just couldn't bear the tight feeling across my thighs. I'll take elastic maternity stretchiness over struggling to fit into regular pants even with a rubber band through the button hole any day! I wore a couple of maternity shirts this week, but that's only because I haven't done laundry in ages. :)

Gender: It's too early to tell yet. But, our ultrasound is scheduled for January 21st and, yes, we are finding out this time around. I adore surprises and had always envisioned being surprised by the gender of my children when they were born. That's what we did with Meg. However, I had strong feelings about her gender and they were the wrong intuition. This time around, I want to have the correct expectations so that I will have a stronger sense of "knowing" the baby as ours when he or she is born. Also, when it came right down to my due date with Meggie, I realized just how many surprises there are in birthing babies. For example, I didn't know whether the baby was a boy/girl, when he/she would arrive, who he/she would look like, how much he/she would weigh, and how our labor and delivery experience would end. All of those surprises almost felt like TOO much for the planner that ultimately lives inside me.

So, we're excited to find out who's coming with Baby #2 and see how it feels different from our experience with not finding out with Baby #1...maybe with Baby #3, we'll know exactly how we like it! :)

And, for the record, I have no inclinations with this pregnancy whatsoever. I guess if I had to say, I'd lean towards girl...but I'm hesitant to commit one way or the other. Whoever he/she is, they are loved immeasurably already.

Movement: No movement yet, but sometimes I think I can feel a faint kick or two. I felt Meggie for the first time at around 16 weeks, so maybe those bubble-sensations are the baby? But, they haven't been consistent enough for me to be sure.

Cravings: Okay, here we go. My cravings have been VERY different this pregnancy. In the beginning when I was really sick, the only thing that I could stomach consistently was french fries. Like, I would go through the Sonic drive-through by our house at least three times a day, sometimes five. All I could eat were french fries. And, now I have a guilty conscious about it because every time we approach a drive through these days, Meg gets really excited and starts shouting, "More! More!" She apparently loves french fries, too. Oh, if only I had a craving for a green bean or something. Now, I'm craving cheese (no surprise there), chips and salsa, really anything salty or sour (not sweet), and ORANGES big time. I could drink orange juice and eat oranges all day long. This habit is strange because when I'm not pregnant, I don't really care for I can't guzzle down the stuff fast enough.

Symptoms: I'm thankful to be over the worst throes of morning sickness. When I was pregnant with Meg, I just suffered from constant nausea for the first 14 weeks - the only times I got sick were twice in the second trimester from eating too much or too fast. This time, at around 5/6 weeks, the sickness hit with surprising violence. I would get sick every morning, anytime I moved too fast, anytime I didn't eat soon enough, you name it. I also felt like I couldn't keep my eyes open. There was a period where I didn't call anyone for like three weeks just because I fell asleep instantly every time Meg did. Oh, yeah, and this is a weird one...the thought of blogging made me nauseous - like having to upload pictures would make me dizzy. That's why there was such a big gap in my postings. I began to despair that I would ever feel like myself again...and it was enough to make me say in my weaker moments, "Kyle, I don't know if I have it in me to do this whole pregnancy thing again," which was the most surprising since I've grown up longing for a large family. I told him, though, that he had to let me express myself because it was how I was feeling, but that he wasn't allowed to hold anything that I said with any value until about week 14...which brings us to the present.

Thankfully, I do feel like myself again and am beginning to really enjoy this pregnancy. I still get sick sometimes - especially when I haven't eaten for a while, but my energy is coming back little by little. The only other thing I've really encountered as far as symptoms go is that I'm having some trouble sleeping. This sleeping thing happened with Meg, too. I fall asleep easily at like 9:30 or 10:00, but then wake-up at like 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. I'm wide awake then, tossing and turning, going to the bathroom, and don't fall back asleep until about 5:00. Weird, huh?

Best Moment this week: When Kyle surprised us by coming home for a couple of days in the middle of his deployment. He put his arms around me, felt my stomach, and said, "Oh, is this the baby? Baby, I love you!"

ps...this picture's not a very good one of me, but it does give a better "baby" size reference, so here you go:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

for those far in body, but close at heart

...and especially for our dear cousin, Gretchen, whom we heard checks our blog daily for pictures of the Meggie girl. We are thankful to have such a faithful follower!

Phew...I've been waiting to write a new post until I received our promo code for the Christmas cards, which, I'm relieved to report, have been ordered today. My hope is that this year they'll actually go out BEFORE Christmas! :) Anyway, I have a lot to say and catch you up on and I've just been bursting to begin recording our pregnancy journey with baby VH#2. For example, I tried to take my 14 week picture the other day sans Kyle, but our girl was having a difficult time obeying Mama's words long enough to set the automatic timer. Each time I would set the button, she would run to grab a candle out of the fireplace or tear apart the trashcan. One of the amazing (and sometimes exasperating) companions to her increased mobility and strength is that she's learned that touching "no-nos" immediately attracts our attention - even when we make concerted efforts to give her undivided and positive attention every day. Ah, well...she's a doll baby. Sometimes, it's hard not to laugh because she does all this with a huge grin and giggle. SO, all to say that (hopefully) the man of the house will be home for a couple of nights sometime soon and I can get him to take a picture and the pregnancy updates will begin.

Until then, I uploaded some pictures from the last several weeks on my computer today and wanted to share them with you...

These pictures are from right after we got back from VA and when Meggie's interest in unpacking my purse was at its peak. Behold the mess which I just hope can also be coined "exploratory learning."

"Look what I you want it back?"

goldfish everywhere

" you want some?"

I love how Douglass just looks on in this picture like Nanna from Peter Pan.

Oh.My.There are no words.
I love this girl so.

We were on the way to church and I thought she looked particularly charming in her dress.

one morning with her "bah-bah" aka treasured blankie and paci.

A few weeks ago, I was able to meet up with a good friend, Ashley, and her husband, Donald, whom we met in flight school at Vance. They were traveling through OKC with their darling new baby, Parker Virginia. Hmm-mmm...I loved snuggling on that baby!

Okay, so a couple days ago, I made a cherry and blueberry smoothie as a snack for Meggie and myself. It turned into edible, purple, finger paint. :)


Happy girl...


and...I had to include these pictures because this is what my kitchen floor usually looks like after Meggie's explored her favorite cabinet...and this is our playroom floor on a typical afternoon - all these toys and Meggie prefers playing with tupperware and old bottles. She's a funny one.

She's in love with her pink coat. Here, she wanted me to put it on her over her pjs while she admired the Christmas tree.

Thanks for visiting and enjoying our little lady love!