Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grammy and Pappa Visit

Recently, Grammy and Pappa made the long voyage down from Michigan to visit us. Meggie and I waited with bated breath hoping that not only would the blizzard leftovers clear, but so would her ear infections. Because of the weather, Kyle, who was out on deployment, was extended and barely made it home before his parents got here. We're thankful that he did because we last saw them all together in March of last year - almost a whole year ago.

They arrived on a Saturday in time for dinner and our regular "night night" routine. On Sunday, they came to church with us and attended the brand-new venue service where they saw/heard Kyle play in the praise band for the first time. I met up with them after the service as I had nursery duty.

(On a quirky side-note, just something I want to hold in my Mama memory: Meggie was recently moved up from the Butterfly nursery class to the Bunnies nursery class, but both classes share a wall with a big glass window look-through. Kyle and I decided that we'd continue to serve in the Butterfly class even though Meggie moved up because Meggie had a hard time seeing us holding other babies. Normally, she runs into nursery without a hitch, our little independent spirit, but on the days we would serve in her class, she spent most of the hour crying and begging to be held. So, for all of our sakes, we decided to serve in a separate class - while still being closely connected to Meggie, her friends, and teachers. Anyway, on this day, Meggie discovered the big look-through window AND that she could see me on the other side. In such characteristic Meggie fashion, she occupied herself through the church hour by climbing onto the bookshelf, standing on the window ledge, and pointing to me with both fingers through the window. Through the glass I could see her mouthing, "Mama, baby, Mama, baby." Oh, my darling girl. :) )

After church, then, we had a savory lunch at Chipotle, one of the Van Heests' favorite restaurants from their Fort Worth days. I think Kyle and I have frequented Chipotle more during this pregnancy than we have in our almost three years of living in Edmond - I can't get enough Mexican saltiness these days.

On Monday, Kyle went back to work and I took advantage of free babysitting - smile, smile, smile - to go to my annual vision appointment. Appears pregnancy not only is changing my body, but is also weakening my eye-sight. One new prescription for glasses and contacts for me! Monday was also Valentine's Day and Kyle planned a special dinner out at a new-to-us Italian restaurant with a stop by Pottery Barn Kids to look at twin beds for Miss Meggie. So good - my seafood linguine dish was topped only by the sensation of being out past 7:00 pm with my beloved.

Tuesday morning was BSF morning and Grammy came with Meggie and me to our class. Afterward, we brought home Chick-Fil-A to eat with Pappa.

Our big outing on Wednesday was a girl's luncheon followed by my 23/24 week midwife appointment - see prior post for huuuuge lunch reference. :)

Thursday, we sent Meggie girl to MDO so that I could go back to the eye doctor and Grammy and Pappa could have a day-off to sightsee and go to the base. All accounts of the day were positive, so we hear. I have to say here that our OK weather is seriously wacky. So, the week before their visit, we had a blizzard. But, the week Grammy and Pappa were here was gorgeous and in the 70s. (Now we're back to frigid dreariness - Kyle points out that we did have a break in the cold for a 72 degree high today...which was also terribly muggy and threatening to hail or tornado at any moment. Seriously.wacky.) After Kyle got off of work on Thursday afternoon, we took Meggie to a park to walk and enjoy the sunshine.

On Friday morning Grammy, Meggie, and I went to the mall to get new shoes for the Meggie girl. Up to this point, we've been blessed with many hand-me-downs and haven't had to buy any shoes. But, the time had come where her toes were crunched and we didn't have any good options searching through the hand-me-down bin. I was surprised to learn when they measured her foot that she's a size 7 shoe. I have no idea if this is big for her age, but I was expecting just like a 5 or something. We picked out a sensible pair of brown and pink flats that can be machine-washed. Meggie picked out the most outrageous pair in the store; her favorites were a pair of silver and pink sequined shoes with purple butterflies. Fortunately, she was persuaded to our way of thinking...but I have a feeling it won't be long before she'll be insisting on sequins and butterflies. :)

Friday evening we left Meg once again with Grammy and Pappa for a dinner and movie date. I think we both felt luxurious at two date nights in one week. It's hard to fathom that there was once a time when going out to eat twice in one week was more the norm than the exception. The food tastes so much sweeter, though, and the lights shine brighter now that we have to "work" for our time away together.

Saturday morning we just enjoyed as a family before Grammy and Pappa had to leave and beat another snow storm heading into Michigan. But, intermingled with all of these events was lots of "plane" talk, parenting questions, Modern Family and Glee watching, and oohing-and-aahing over our favorite gal. We're not sure when we'll see either families again (hopefully sometime around June 12th if not before), but we rest in knowing that we are loved and nurtured by their support...even from 15 and 18 hours drive away.

curly-haired and freshly bathed the first night.

Meggie and Mama before church.

Meggie and Daddy before work one morning.


The girls ready for BSF. Kyle thinks Meggie's face looks like a baby model in this picture.
I agree.

Meggie and Pappa.

Meggie and Grammy.

In love with bah-bah.

For Poppio and Uncle Pete.

darling girl.

plum tuckered out.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


This parenting stuff ain't for sissies. One of my favorite and most dear friends spoke these words to me even before Meggie was born. And has continued to repeat them to me over the last 18 months. These words bring comfort. These words bring truth. These words mean I'm not alone. These words mean that when it comes to our children, some of the best and most important decisions are always gonna be the hardest. Especially lately. Especially today.

Today, I had to do the "1...2...3" discipline rule because Meggie ran away from me wielding a can of mandarin oranges - after I had told her, "no, no touch" and "Meggie, stop your running feet, please."

Today, I had to give the 18-month-version of the "no, no we don't throw lotion, dog food, pictures, mascara, toys" when Mama says, "All Done" lecture...5 times.

Today, I had to swipe dog food out of Meggie's mouth AND give another "attention-getting tap" (on her diapered bottom) after she got a cup of douglass' food out of the pantry and dumped it on the floor AFTER I said, "Meggie, this is your warning...if you touch the dog food one more time..."

Today, Meggie discovered that crayons color on other things besides paper. Like the kitchen floor.

Today, after ten minutes of asking Meggie to "let's try that again, please" and place the fragile "Van Heest" plaque in Mama's hand instead of throwing it on the ground (which is a NO-NO touch), I had to put Meggie in her first crib time-out because she threw it so hard straight onto the tile floor that it shattered...along with the (by this point - minutes from bath time) thread-bare fragments of my confidence and patience.

Today, I had to say, "no more books, all done books," at bedtime after Meggie took each one from my hands and threw them on the floor.

Today was.not.for.sissies. And now that today's over, my energy depleted and my reserves shaken, that's kinda exactly what I feel like. A big, ole sissy scared of tomorrow. But, then I remember why today happened. Because of will, because of growing up, because of testing the boundaries. Because it's for her good. Because I love her. Because the hard stuff's worth it. Oh, Lord, give me the courage for tomorrow...give me the strength I need for this job...give me the insight I need to tweak discipline just for Meggie's heart because you know everything about discipline makes my stomach churn...fill me with boldness for this calling. Help me to not be a sissy.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

24 weeks aka 6 MONTHS PREGNANT?!?

Where, oh, where has the time gone? Baby Girl and I are now 24 weeks pregnant. She is roughly the size of an ear of corn - although it feels like bigger, longer, heavier. Every day we get closer to meeting this darling new girl and I'm thankful in anticipation and excitement. Who will she look like? Like Meggie? When will she come? What will her temperament be like? Who will she be - who is this special person that God is knitting together in the secret, dark places?

How Far Along
: 24 weeks.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Humph. Welllll...according to my last appointment on 2/16, I gained 10 pounds (10 POUNDS!) during the 5-6 month period, making my total weight gain 22 pounds so far. But, I'm consoling myself with the fact that my appointment was in the afternoon right after a huuuuge lunch. And I was wearing jeans. Normally, I wear the lightest outfit in my closet - a pair of black dress pants and form-fitting shirt and always take my shoes off. So, I'm telling myself that, of course, my 10 pound adage was a result of recent food intake and poor wardrobe choices instead of the 5 pound bag of M&Ms I practically inhaled single-handedly during the week Kyle's parents visited.

Maternity Clothes: Yep and loving them.

Gender: GIRL! Sometimes, I envision a couple months from now when both my girls are in my arms, and the emotion almost overtakes me. I feel filled with gratitude and awe that I was chosen to be the mother of two girls...and two girls right in a row. It makes me remember my treasured summers as a camp counselor at Greystone - a Christian camp for girls - in the littlest cabin of 5 and 6 year-olds. At night, I would help them brush their teeth and hair, put on their pajamas, tuck them in, and think, "oh! this is my absolute heart's be mother to many girls, to care for them, share their secret thoughts, answer their deepest questions, and shepherd them to know God...this is what I want my life to always look like." And, God is answering this innermost desire of mine - I feel at once unworthy and overwhelmed with blessing. Sigh of contentment...

Movement: She's getting bigger and stronger. I still don't think she's as active as the Meggie girl was, but I'm definitely noticing more movements now. I have to say that I love knowing there's a girl in there this time around...when she kicks I just feel so connected to her. One of my favorite times of the day is right after I put Meggie to sleep and sit down to collect my thoughts from the day and rest a moment. Then, I feel this baby girl more deeply than I do at other times of the day (I guess because Meggie has me running around during her waking hours), and I've come to view it as our special mother/daughter bonding time. I look forward to these intimate moments with just the two of us.

Cravings: Chocolate cravings are here in full force. Ahem - I still feel ashamed of the M&M incident. And, I bought ice cream at the store today. cream. Though I love this tasty treat, I can't stop myself from consuming huge bowls at one sitting so the only way I can avoid extreme temptation is never to have it in the house. Somehow, it found it's way in...and I've been looking forward to eating it all day. Also, I'm back to drinking fruit juice with crush ice - like a semi-melted popsicle. Weird. This happened with Meg and is happening again. Must be something about these girls. :)

Symptoms: Even though I generally love being pregnant (especially now that the first trimester is long gone), I kinda feel like I've entered the third trimester that possible? It's like I had a short reprieve of 2nd trimester and now my exhaustion's returned, my back aches like the dickens, and I feel heeeavy. I hope Baby Girl's just had a growth spurt or something, because I'm wiped out. Oh yeah, and because Meggie girl is our busy little bee. I'm a little frightened of 30 - 40 weeks because of how worn out and achy I feel now at 24 - there's still a lot of time left to get bigger and bigger and bigger. I'm also finding it hard to sleep at night because of body aches and strange pregnancy pains. And sometimes I wake up at 3 am starving - like I've never eaten before in my life. But, mostly, the days are passing quickly because I'm so focused on Baby Girl #1...if it weren't for the tiredness and achiness, I'd forget I was pregnant!

Best Moment this week: Listening to Baby Girl's heartbeat on the dopplar "staccatoed" with hiccups - I suppose she was enjoying my huge lunch, too. :)

...and for old-times sake, here's Miss Meggie Mae and me at the same mile-marker...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just to Prove We're Alive!

Yes, we're here. We're alive! Blizzards, double ear infections, and family visits (post coming soon) have kept us away, but I couldn't wait to sit down and reconnect with you...and share some precious, albeit random, pictures of the star of our show:

helping mama with the laundry, Meggie-style:

you can't quite see it here, but she does have a very purple pair of my underwear around her neck like a necklace...and, yes, she did put these articles of clothing on herself...hehe

so...the first snow day was all about fun, the second blizzard was all about work - on this day, we cleaned out the coat closet - yikes!

and, this is what Meggie did today in her crib instead of taking a nap. Read: pulled all of her dirty clothes from the hamper into bed - what a funny gal.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day Celebration

Meggie, the doog, and I are hunkered down for our blizzard 2011. I didn't grow up around a lot of snow, so the likes of today is a relatively new experience for me. I've enjoyed tracking the weather and watching reports of packed grocery stores, school closings, and general hype. And, the anticipation of last night as the thunder sleet rolled in was of major excitement for all of us. We've got stock piles of food, candles burning, and jammies on. Ah, coziness. Meggie even decided that she needed a morning nap (most days she only has one, but every now and then right around the old magical time of 9:30, she comes to me and pleads, "bah-bah...night night?") to snooze away the hours. While the wind swirls around us and the snow drifts pile around our windows, we are thankful for a little reprieve from the norm to slow down and rest. Now, if only Da-Da was here to be snowed in, too! :)

to celebrate our day of snow, Meggie and I feasted on chocolate chip pancakes and eggs for breakfast...she woke up doubly hungry this morning because she refused dinner last night. I always love seeing her eat because we sometimes have battles over food.

can you tell somebody has another ear infection?

one special new development in Meggie's understanding of our faith is that she's learned to "pray." throughout the day, she'll spontaneously clasp her hands and ask, "ay? ay?" Oh, I just swoon from the preciousness.

I think she wanted to give thanks for her yummy breakfast and a full tummy. :)

and, here's a quick pic of Meg on the way to church on Sunday - I put her in one of my old coats that my mom and dad mailed of the sweet things for me about having daughters is getting to share clothes associated with happy memories of my own growing up years.

Hope you're enjoying the weather wherever you are...and if you're anywhere near us, that warmth is all around you!