Thursday, May 24, 2012

Homecoming Visitors

Our Douglass Dog is home!!!  

When I flew home to SC with the girls in February, we took Douglass with us and left him in the care of my parents until we got settled down here in our new home.  It was scary for me to leave him because I didn't know how long it might be before they could visit us and bring him back to us, but I knew he was in the best hands for the duration.

Well, my dad texted about two weeks ago and told me that my mom was on her way with my sister, Becca, and Douglass in tow.  I am so exhilarated that he's finally home with us.  The past four months I've really felt like a huge part of our family was missing...and, honestly, I didn't feel quite like myself without his trusty companionship. 

And I'm so thankful to have this visit with my mom and sister.  The girls are soaking up time with a grandmother, and every night that I've meant to update my blog this week, Becca, Kyle, and I've stayed up SUPER late talking or watching chick-flicks (hey, we've got to indoctrinate Kyle into the world of living with girls, right???) or put-putting on the Island. 

Such a sweet time.

here's a short preview of what we've been doing since they've been here:

there's a redhead sister and a brunette sister in our family, too. :) and I did her french braid! heck yeah, I've still got to get in that girl hair practice.

Becca's and Meg's legs are in the background...

he found three!

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  1. That last picture is so precious Shannon. It is good to hear you are doing so well and are happy. And from the looks of it, those sweet girls are too!

    And can I take a bite out of that strawberry, PLEASE!! Oh my, she is edible!!