Friday, May 25, 2012

Saying Good-Bye

These two?  Perfect peas in a pod.  Meggie ADORES my sister, Becca.  ADORES!!!
We said good-bye to Grandmama and Auntie Becca today. They rode down the road with us to the Island's bakery for a late breakfast and then set out for South Carolina.  Every fiber of my being wanted to squeeze into their backseat and go with them.

Go home.

Even Meggie sympathized with me as she peeped up at my mom from her seat at the table and asked: "Meggie go home to Grandmama's house, too?"

You know it's been a good visit with that happens! :)

When the four of us returned to the beach bungalow, I felt so lonely.  The house felt empty.  It's like I confessed to Kyle:

Seeing them here made being here okay.  It's not that they made it feel like home - it's that they brought the familiar with them - and the familiar made everything feel better.

Two months into this move and everything still seems a little new.  I'm learning my way around - even though I haven't ventured much off the main road yet, hee hee - feeling out new life rhythms, memorized our address.

But it doesn't feel like we belong here.  Having my mom and sister for this week, though, brought the belonging to our front door.

And, tonight, without the familiar resting in the nearness of family, I really, really, really miss them.

We all do.

(I'm already dreading next week when I have to fly solo again. :/ )

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  1. It takes time, friend, to feel at home in a new place. You are doing all the right things and "home" will come. Hang in. I know what it feels like to want to crawl in the backseat.