Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Meggie and the Bee Sting

The girls and I went to the aquarium yesterday after naps.  Usually, we go in the mornings, but Kyle's been on a string of night flights and when he's gone in the evenings I like to have specific activities lined up to pass the time until dinner and night night routines.

Going to the aquarium was a last minute decision - not like me at all because I like to plan outings like this at least five days in advance (I'm a total "J" for my Myers-Briggs fans out there) - but I waited to see if the girls even took naps.  Ever since we introduced the big girl bed three weeks ago, I'm never sure how nap time is going to go.  Hopefully, as Meggie gets more accustomed to sleeping out of a crib we'll have more success.

We drove downtown and arrived around 4:30.  We met Lauren there a few weeks ago when she was here and it felt like the perfect time to go.  Most of the crowds had dwindled and we could take our time passing the fish without having to worry about Meggie disappearing into the throngs of people in her excitement. 

We had a really pleasant outing.  Each time we go the girls are a little more interested in the exhibits.  Meggie crying, "Look, Mama!" And picking up the sea urchins, long pointy fingers dripping water.  AV studying the sharks with wide eyes, her face blue with the reflections of water and glass. 

After we visit all the animals, we play in this spectacular new splash park outside - as part of the aquarium.  Going there is my-kind-of-Mama activity.  I know Meggie will be captivated by the water (unless she gets waylaid by the potty, her other fascination) and will zoom in between the fountains with glee for longer than her usual five minutes.  I can set AV down in a puddle and know she'll sit, splashing. 
I relax a little.

As it happened, I was standing shade over AV with one eye on Meggie off to the side.  I saw her leaning over.  I saw her peering.  I saw her studying a bug; I thought it was a big ant.

I opened my mouth to call, "Meggie! Don't touch that bug!"

She's a lover of all things locomotion: dogs, trucks, airplanes, bugs.

And before I could warn, she picked it up, pinching it between her thumb and pointer - and wailed.


There's only one kind of bug that could make elicit that wail. 

She careened her way to me, cradling her thumb.  I did my best to juggle both slippery baby and despondent toddler, shuffling them both dripping to our table.  I tossed AV some cheerios on the ground, forgetting dirt and praying she'd stay put with a bribe.

She was too hurt to cuddle and I finally coaxed her to show me her thumb - a stinger still buried inside. 

With one great sigh I plucked it out and blew, my Mama's breath on that swollen place.  First Aid was called and they arrived with a big canvas bag full of medical supplies. 

Some hydrocortisone cream, two band-aids, and some rifling through the medical supplies later - how like our brave girl that is, enraptured by all things doctorey - she was fully restored, skipping beside me on our way through the parking lot.

I asked her on the way home, Sonic grilled cheese in her hands for dinner:

"Meggie?  What happened to your thumb?"

She batted her eyes.  She cried, betrayed: "That buggy!  It sting Meggie.  It had a red tail."

When I relayed the story of Meggie and the Bee Sting to Kyle last night, he stuffed his head under the pillow to hide his dismayed laughter, how did we get such a girl? 

"A hornet???" He questioned.  "She picked up a hornet??? MEGGIE GIRL!!!"

I think she's quite alright and unphased by the whole thing.  Because this morning at breakfast we asked her what happened with the "deeee" - that's what she calls him.

"I picked up dat deeee and it bite Meggie.  But dat's ok.  A nice lady came.  I got some cream.  Dat make it feel all better.  OK?"  She nods her head from side to side when she talks.  For emphasis.

Oh, that girl of ours.  She is a pistol.  A precious, buggy loving pistol.

And guess what?  I'll see you back here on Thursday morning.  THIS Thursday we're going "live" with the blog's new home.  There'll be a link here to guide you over.  Move's are happening all over this place. :)

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