Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Night

As I was boarding my plane home from Houston to Corpus Christi last night, I received the following text message from my mom:

Haven't seen any new blog posts lately.  Is everyone doing ok? Did u watch the gamecocks win baseball regionals today?

Lest y'all think we're doing poorly, too, rest assured that we're all ok.  It's just been a super busy last two weeks.  Mom and Becca were here all of one week, then my dear friend and college roomie, Lauren, was here part of the next, and then I went home with her to Houston for her baby shower.  Her precious baby boy is due in October and has been much longed and prayed for...I was exhilarated to help celebrate his life in Lauren on Saturday.

I also have to brag that Kyle did an amazing job as stay-at-home, single dad over the weekend with the girls.  The couple times I spoke with him over the phone the girls were going bonkers and not sleeping a wink for him at night, but he persevered with patience and grace.  They picked me up last night from the airport, freshly scrubbed, pj-ed, and happy.  I was happy to see them, too, and rejuvenated to do my job once again on the homefront.

No, I didn't catch the gamecocks that day, but watching them this time of year is my favorite!!!  It all harkens back to cheering for them with my laptop computer resting on my bulging belly.  Miss AV came into the world during baseball playoff season last year.

And, we had a memorable Memorial Day Weekend that I don't want to forget, so I've been waiting until I had some real time to document it and not just stick up something for the sake of sticking up something.

PLUS, I had a deadline for my writing course last week and exciting new developments in the blog world all a happening.  Another good Lauren friend of mine from college - and my grandlittle in Tridelta!!! - has been working hard on redesigning my blog page into something more mine, more "me" - she's been doing the design and I've been trying to keep up and supply things from my end...all to say that the big reveal will hopefully be SOON, but I've needed to focus my nights of writing into my course and the new design.

We've had new and different things going on of note, too - things that have made us a tad topsy-turvy.  Like, Meggie's big girl bed arrived and we mailed her paci's off to a new baby who needs them.  And I started a cleansing eating regimen that I hope will kick the last preggo pounds.  I hope, I hope, I hope.

I guess this is just a post about not posting and what I want to catch you up on in time. 

Bear with me through these new and different won't be disappointed! :)

And because I know the grandmothers will be anxious...
this is what we did for part of Memorial Day and it was heavenly.

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