Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First Draft Friends

We have a showing (#15) tomorrow, so this post won't be long. 

And AV gave Meg whatever she had from a few weeks ago.  Which Meggie had in the first place, so we're right back where we started.

We've been praying that God would move in our house situation this week.  That tomorrow will go well if it's supposed to be the right fit...and not go well if it's not.  Kyle'd like to have our house in Corpus nailed down by the first week in February.  I can't believe that's in just one week.  January's been one of the longest months ever, but one of the shortest, too, if you know what I mean.  Our time here is coming quickly to a close.

I snuck out with a kindred spirit of a friend tonight for Sonic treats.  We sat in the parking lot and talked about a lot of things, but mainly about how the second baby changes things.  Changes us.  About how it's so hard right now to maintain a sense of "me" in the demands that come with "mommy" that we're not really sure who we are anymore.  All of us is being poured out.  I wrote a little about that in a recent post on this whole moving thing, the military, and me.  It took me a few days to gather up the strength to post it, and even then I edited out most of the "negative" stuff. 

I'm still working on one that fleshes out the feeling of "invisible" and "left behind" that sometimes comes along with young motherhood - if we're not diligent to care for ourselves, too.  And, I'm learning that I haven't really been doing a good enough job...or really any sort of job at taking care of myself.  When it comes down to it, I think I'm disappointed in myself for not sticking up for myself.  Anyway.  I'll wait to say anymore until I'm finished with the next draft.

For now, I'm thankful for the friendships I have here.  For my "first draft friends" - like my sweet one tonight - who always accept me as I am no edits necessary and who've heard my ugliest truths and still love me anyway. 

I'll leave you with a picture I love from this weekend.  I suddenly realized that I barely have any pictures with Allie V.  While Meggie napped and Kyle practiced guitar, I set up the self-timer and tried to snap a few.  Um.  Have you ever tried to use the self-timer with a baby???  No. Small. Feat. 

But this one, in all its candid glory, is precious to me.  I love the way the sun shines in on her hair and that her nose is pressed into my cheek.  I love how I'm kind of laughing, and that I'm already in my tshirt but with jewelry on - my half-in, half-out of church clothes look.  I love how serious she appears, how much she's grown, and that she's OUR baby of all the babies that could have been - our snuggly, giggly, tender-hearted, perfect, sugar-coated doll baby.

Ah, there we go. :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

These Boots Are Made for...Chewing?

Little Sister loves all things "Meggie."  Most especially, her boots.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Put Your Hands Up (as in the club)

People sometimes ask me if Meggie's always had the energy and stamina she does.

If she's always been strong?  Bold?  Courageous?

I answer, usually with one eye panning the scene for my wild one and the other on any routes of escape, ready to spring after her at any moment, wary of that adorable, mischevious glint in her twinkling, blue stargazers, shoulders tensed,


We love her that way.

She's our firecracker.

Steam engine.

Wild woman.

Adventurous sister.

Fun-filled lollipop.

And I found my proof tonight.

(I'd like to point out that she's 11 months old in this video.  11 MONTHS OLD.  And this was exactly what it felt like when I was pregnant with her. :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Pilot's Life for Me

Monday’s events were an answer to prayer for our family.

When Kyle and I started dating our freshman year of college, the course of my life changed.  I went to college never dreaming that I’d get married four years later, and certainly NOT to a Naval officer.  My plans then involved studying theater and being a broadway actress; in no way could I imagine where I would be now, and with whom I would be.

But we did start dating.  We did talk marriage.  And I began to tweak my interests and my life around the reality that the man I was beginning to love would have a career in the military.

I have no idea if my college adviser reads my blog (if you do...Hi, Dr. Turner!), but she spent countless hours with me in her office, patiently listening to me agonizing over what I could do with my gifts and talents that would possibly fit into the career plan that Kyle signed up for when he accepted the Naval Academy’s offer of admission. 

Maybe a teacher?  Maybe a writer?  Maybe a counselor? Maybe a nurse?

She would counsel me:  Shannon, when it comes to the military, you don’t just marry the man...you marry his career - more than any other.  You have to not only feel committed to Kyle, you have to feel committed to the Navy.  This is a big decision.

She counseled me from her own experience - not only as a career woman and mother, but with decades worth of being married herself. 

I didn’t really understand, being lovesick and eager.

Because the military - though embedded with many benefits and good qualities - is unlike any other career.  It’s one high commitment - like a vow, like a marriage.  And, there have been times, especially in the last three years of deployments, when I’ve honestly felt like the Navy is his real wife and I’m, well, the mistress.

So, lately, my heart’s had an extra hard time with this move to Corpus.  While I’m grateful for the steadiness of his job that allows me to be the kind of parent that I’ve wished and hoped to be, I’ve also struggled lately with resentment.  Over the last three years, I’ve lost a bit of my feeling of “calling” to this life - and I earnestly believe that the spouse needs a sense of calling to make a military marriage work.  I want to make it clear that I'm thankful for this move, am proud of Kyle, am in full support of what he does when he does his job.  My struggle is this:  I sort of don't know how I fit into it anymore.

Lately, I’ve felt like all this is something happening “to” me, not “with” me.  And, being the “fighter” that I am (it’s the same fight in me that got me through grad school with a baby, after all), I’ve been digging in my heels against the upcoming changes.

There’s way too much to write about it - more than I care to try right now - but I’ve begun to feel invisible, left behind.  It’s felt like my life, my choices, my career, my dreams don’t matter anymore.  Like “I’m just the wife” -  not the woman, not the smart mind, not the person with a life of her own and dreams of her own and plans of her own.

But, Monday helped.

I got the opportunity to go up in an airplane with several other spouses, my dear friends who’ve enriched my life so deeply, and see what Kyle does in his job.  

The day was perfect flying weather.  Not a cloud in the sky.  No wind.  A front had blown through the day before leaving clear, crisp, beautiful weather behind.  Soaring  above Oklahoma and Arkansas was exhilarating. I was filled with awe.  I kept thinking: “My husband does this?  This is what he gets paid to do? It’s so exciting.  So breathtaking.  So thrilling.  You really get a sense for how small our world is up here.”

He’s good at what he does; a natural leader.  He’s passionate about flying.  Flying on Monday, I felt like I understood and communed with that passion for the first time.  Ever.

It felt like I was lifted up, transported, away from the stresses that have made the last few months drudgery.  Away from the messy house, the mile-long to-do list, the Mount Everest of dirty laundry spilling from our closet into the bathroom, the uncertainty, the “for sale” sign.  For 2-and-a-half hours I forgot what it felt like to worry.

Shoot - for 2-and-a-half hours I forgot about the breast pump.  That was a gift in and of itself.

I can see why he loves it. 

And why he loves the mission.  Why it was the Navy that he chose.  Why it suits him the way that it does.

He stayed home with the girls on Monday; I “flew” an airplane.  Our worlds intersected.

I think we both understood one another’s calling in a different way. 

After my flight, facing the move with a cheerful attitude became a little less strength and willpower, and a little more grace.

An answer to prayer.

The spouses flew up in a KC-135 like this one.  The E-6 has high security - so we got as close as we could to it through air refueling.
We could listen in to the radio calls on these head phones.
I had no idea what they were saying, but I felt cool in the cockpit.
Suddenly, while I was looking over the pilot's shoulder, we saw our E-6 down below.  For such a HUGE plane, it looked tiny.

the co-pilot

out the window

We got to go down where the boom operator works during the air refueling exercise.  What you see is the boom off of the KC-135 (where we were) and the nose of the E-6 getting ready to refuel.

The planes come very close to one another in mid-air...within 20 feet.

While I was back there they did an emergency "breakaway" drill - where the KC-135 goes up in the air as fast as they can and the E-6 drops down as fast as they can.  In mere seconds, the E-6 goes from as close as you saw in the picture above to way down there like in this picture. 

You can kinda see the pilots in this one.

View out the window of the boom chair - we got to actually practice steering the boom in a wobbly rectangle pattern.

A couple of us got to lay in the back where the boom is for landing.  It's a very eerie feeling to watch the ground getting closer going backwards.  Here, you can see our shadow over OKC.

getting closer...

and touch down!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Glimpse

It's getting harder to keep up the steam needed to finish my month long blogging expedition.  For the record, there was a day a few days ago that I didn't post.  It was not my fault.  I spent an entire night - AN ENTIRE NIGHT - writing a long essay entitled "tips for surviving a house on the market with babies in tow."  Previous to this post, I haven't tried any tutorials - I was excited and proud of myself. 

And then when I went to publish it, blogspot erased the whole shebang.  Nothing was salvaged.  I cried.  Too exhausted and heart sore to try and rewrite it or to come up with anything else quickly, I just went to bed.  Turns out, this week has been a whole week of "just going to bed."  I think with Allie sick last week and a weekend full of fruitless house showings as well as the dawning reality that this move is really happening, I'm just plain spent.

I was supposed to post tonight on the amazing experience I had flying up with/around Kyle's airplane on Monday, but I have like a bajillion pictures and it would take me HOURS.  Plus, you KNOW I have a story to go along with it.  Considering that it's 10:50 pm and I haven't begun and I still have a baby to feed before the night's done, I'm just going to leave you (for now) with a little glimpse of sugar love...

she can really clap her hands now to singing or music

I love her funny face here.

trying to put her paci in her mouth.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Role Reversal

In keeping with yesterday’s theme of job swapping, with Shannon taking to the skies in an Air Force KC-135 on an Air Refueling Mission and me staying home with the girls as a stay at home dad for the day, Shannon asked me to write a blog entry! Now that most of you have probably discontinued reading this post, I’ll explain that the purpose of me contaminating Shannon’s beautiful blog with my uncreative writing is twofold: it provides Shannon the opportunity to take the night off and get some much deserved rest while allowing her to keep her pledge of posting every day this month! Rather than boring you with a meager attempt at prose, I have compiled a short list of inspirations/ revelations from my “day at home with the girls.”

-It became evident as soon as the girls and I made it back home at 9:00 from dropping Shan off at the base that Meg and Allie run on parallel schedules, but the key to success is getting their schedules to intersect at afternoon naptime. Allie is the key variable in this equation and she surprised me early on by falling asleep on the way home and after a quick feeding, continued napping until 11:30! While the long nap gave me a great opportunity to focus on Meg, I was sure that intersecting naptimes were a pipe dream. Surprisingly, Allie (who is still convalescing from her flu like virus and at a huge deficit in the total hours slept department lately) decided to be a big team player and also took a 2-hour afternoon nap, starting at 1:00! Lucky me!

-Finding constructive outlets for Meg that do not involve noise and or running around during Allie’s morning naptime proved to be quite a challenge. Meg was quite the trooper and hung in there with me as we bounced from one activity to another- from changing “Meggie’s baby doll’s “diaper no less than 10 times, to putting stickers on paper plates, to cooking imaginary pancakes and serving imaginary coffee, to setting the table with every piece of Tupperware we own! I am proud of Meg and me that we were able to provide Allie with an uninterrupted naptime and I am extremely proud of Shannon for mustering the energy and creativity to do this with Meggie every other day of the year!

Meggie "making dinner"

-I realized very quickly that it is hard not to take advantage of Allie’s calm, content and unassuming nature by allowing her to just have infinite blanket time with her toys while focusing on Meg’s energetic busyness. Allie will sit on her blanket watching the festivities for hours if you let her- until she gets hungry that is. Splitting quality time equally between her and Meg was difficult to do and I can see how this would be my number one challenge if I were to be at home alone with the girls every day.

  Allie on her blanket

-Lastly, I am in complete awe of Shannon’s ability to be intentional with the girls every day. I tried hard to mirror this during my “day in the life” and it took copious amounts of energy and focus. I was quite honestly tired by the time Shannon got back from her adventure! I am so proud of my brilliant and beautiful wife and am eternally grateful that she dedicates herself to being a Professional Mom day in and day out! My baby girls are so fortunate and blessed to have the best mama in the world!

That’s it for now- check back tomorrow night for Shannon’s report on her day in the life of a pilot!

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Day on My Husband's Job

This is what I got to do today.
And Amazed. And Amazed. And Amazed.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Memory Lane

We had showing #14 today.  I don't know how much more of these we can take.  Please, oh please, be THE ONE #14.

In an effort to keep the house clean from our spree yesterday, we went as a family to eat at a new-to-us diner called The Cow Calf-Hay (we'd wanted to go to the zoo, but it was like 20 degrees today and then we thought the science museum, but by the time we all got moving it was too late).  I'd heard rave reviews about it and put it on our "must do or try one last time before leaving OK list."

The inside was teeny-tiny, but added to its quaint appeal.  There were cows everywhere - including a giant cow that Meggie was half-infatuated with and half-scared by.  She kept saying, "Are you scared, Mommy?  Are you scared, Daddy?"  Which means that she wants us to ask her if she's scared so that she can say yes. 

We placed our orders with the sweetest waitress EVER and when she asked me if I wanted a 1/2 lb. patty or 1/3 lb. patty, I panicked and squeaked: "1/3 I think.  WAIT! Which ones smaller?" 

Because, really, who can still do math after you've had a baby?  Kyle shook his head at me in shame.
Instead of high chairs, they have western saddles for kiddos to sit on - Meggie was so proud of hers!
They served the juiciest burgers with skinny, curly fries and gave us tall drinks filled to the brim with iceballs - my favorite kind of ice. 

Alice Virginia fell asleep in the middle of our lunch.  I tell you, seven months old and she STILL falls asleep anywhere and everywhere we need her to...seems like that's the trade-off for not yet sleeping through the night.  She's so easy-going.
Hey, look! I actually have on make-up today.  So, I made Kyle take a picture of me and my big girl.
It's the kind of place that welcomes families and grandparents with sweet tea and college guys in need of a home-cooked meal.  Highly recommend!  And, it made us talk all the way home about how it's just one more thing that we'll miss about living here.  Seems like we're still just discovering OK and now it's time to leave.


So.  In keeping with the random nature of this week's postings and sentimentality, I found a gem hiding in my computer today.  It was from the hard drive of my college computer.  I wrote this poem after coming home from the Naval Academy Ring Dance (an extravagant, meaningful, and coveted ball that the midshipmen attend junior year - where they dip their rings in water from the seven seas and finally feel like graduation is getting closer). 

Back when I was planning our wedding, I was going to make homemade bookmarks as the wedding favor and print this poem on the back.  It seemed like a romantic, weddingish idea back then, but I'm so glad I didn't because, well, you'll see... (so mushy and embarrassing!)

:)  We were so young and full of love once.  I mean, we're still full of love, but it's the wide-open eyes kind, not so much the innocent and naive kind.  Still, it's fun to reread and remember being like that...and 20 years old.


Moonlight on Water, Candles by the Shore
A long bridge, one that connects you and me
A Crimson Carpet
Of stars…You are mine
Turning and Turning, you spin me
The smile, your smile, on your lips,
In your eyes. Patience.
A question, the night of fountains and flowers
One ribbon around my neck, a heavy weight
Commitment and Honor in one.
Gold and I am proud
It is the color of my love for you.
Below, the grass is soft and wet
Cold but your hand is in mine
And I am warm.
A lady in red
Above, the fire dances across the sky
A show that illuminates the pairs
Drifting like swans and fallen leaves
Surrounding us and still alone
Tonight I see only one.
How did we come so far
From that Texas boy and girl
Shy and Secret?
To be in this moment. 
I know
Of another time,
the night of change and circumstance
You spoke and in blessed surrender
I knew Never again the same.
In the distance, there are songs
I listen but here there is only one
“I love you.” 
“Oh, how I love you.”  A promise of more
Whispered in shadows.
Tradition but new for us
We hold hands above

Our faces tilted toward the light
A flash. Forever.  We’ll Remember.

Here we are before Ring Dance.  My, we look young! :)
But young and happy.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Someone Left Something in the Ducky Potty

can't you just tell from her poor, sweet little face that she's still sicky? but even with a fever, she's my smiley-girl
We had showing #13 today.

Since we just had showing #12 on Monday, the house wasn't too bad.  And by "too bad" I mean it was clean underneath the millions of (thankfully, clean) diapers strewn around from Meggie playing, sippie cups piled on the counters, and the truckload of dirty socks I finally brought in from the van.  We've basically been shut down in the housekeeping department this week with a feverish baby and rambunctious 2 year-old.  I've pretty much been holding one or the other for days - which is a good thing. :)

Nevertheless, Kyle raced home from work (glad he was planning on leaving early anyway) and we set to picking up after the girls went down for their naps.  Things were going well with fifteen minutes to spare until this happened:

I heard Allie V crying from her crib.  I went in there and immediately could smell The Poop.  I have never smelled The Poop like I smelled it today.  I mean, I had no idea that breastmilk babies could make poop like that.  I swooped her up, changed her, and threw it outside.  But The Poop smell lingered.  And lingered.  We sprayed special Scentsy room freshener.  Three times.  But then it only smelled like special Scentsy room freshener Poop.

I attacked every wood surface in her room with Febreeze Mr. Clean.  It helped somewhat.  At which point I abandoned the effort and went to clean up a "discovery" in the girls' bathroom.  When Kyle asked me what I needed lysol wipes for, I laughed back that he didn't want to know.

He said: "Don't tell me it involves something ridiculous that sings and quacks?"

Because my mom sent this in the mail to Meggie a few weeks ago:
 Oh yes.  SOMEONE left SOMETHING from who knows when in the bottom of the ducky potty.  AND at the same time as "the discovery" and The Poop, Meggie was working on "something else" in her room, too.

It all made Kyle shout: "All right! Everybody! Control your bodily functions until we can make it out the door!" He then ran from room to room spraying Pina Colada room freshener.

I laughed so hard I almost had an unfortunate accident courtesy of my two in two years 10-pounders.

Well, showing #13, hope it worked. :)

We're nothing short of a hot mess around here lately.

And from this morning before our realtor called, I took a hilarious progression of sister pictures after Meggie picked out her own outfit and dressed herself.  I've inserted "Mama" commentary for your viewing pleasure.
"Hey, y'all! That's a good one! But, let's try for one more...now, Meggie, remember to SMILE and give your sister a hug!"

"Allie, Allie look over here at Mama!"

"Okay, good job.  Uh, Meggie, that's a little too hard for sister, little too hard...try and hug her tummy."
"Her TUMMY, Meg! Her TUMMY!"

"Okkkaayyy...that's better...but, Allie sit up! Allie, look at Mama!"
 (Then, Meggie got fed up with taking pictures and wanted to see them.  So she "accidentally" let go of sister, who fell backwards into the wall.  As I was comforting Allie V, Meggie lost interest in having her picture taken, so...)
I took some of this angel baby.
she is so dear.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I can't even really call this a post.

Kyle and I just had a conversation about how exhausted we are...so tired that we could actually go to bed at 7:30 pm.

AV still has her fever.  It came back last night.  Luckily, we already had a doctor's appointment scheduled for her today as a follow-up to her acid reflux appointment three weeks ago.  Today, she weighed 23 lbs and was 28.5 inches long.  She's still my big girl - now we just have to get her eating solid foods.  Her doctor and I made a plan about that, and she also said that a bad, bad virus is going around here that's 8-10 days long with fever and stomach stuff.  We're apparently on day 4.  :(

Meggie had a good day at school.  She came home, went straight down for a nap, and then "made us dinner."  We've watched her slowly enter a new phase of imaginative play.  It's been a delight to see her begin to pretend.  In the last few weeks, she's said to me:

"Mama, I make you pancakes!" (And then she hands me a stack of pretend pancakes.)
"Mama, I get a biiiiig buggy!" (And then she pretends to squash a bug on the floor or the table.)
"Mama, you go take a sleep."  (Which means to pretend to be asleep so that she can wake me up.)
"Mama, I make you lemonade."  (And she pours me a cup.)

She's also really into taking care of her doll, putting it night night, and giving her medicine.  The BEST part, though, is the huge smile that brightens her face when you pretend with her...like she's discovered the secret to really being grown-up.

OK.  Well, good night, dear friends.  We're throwing in the towel on today. :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Ones I Never Posted Part I

Nothing new to report here.

Except that I'm hooooping Baby Girl's fever broke tonight.  She just woke up for her 10:00ish feeding and was sweaty and cool to the touch.  Oh, please let this be her fever breaking!  I spent a lot of extra time with AV today because she just wanted me to hold her - Meggie spent a lot of extra time doing Meggie-ish things like diapering everything in sight.  One time today I picked up a clean diaper that she'd already folded up to stick on AV.  I felt something prickly inside and opened the diaper to find all of the childproof safety plug covers. 

And that we ran out of Douglass' dog food tonight and I had to leave after the girls' bedtime to get more.  Which made me feel like a rebel.  Because once you're a mama, being on the road after 7:00 pm feels like walking on the wild side.

When I got home, Meggie was in her diaper waving at me from her windowsill.  That's her thing now that she doesn't have anything in her room to play with after we put her to bed.  She gets nekkid and waves at unsuspecting passers-by.

Since the only trip I've made outside our doors in the last few days is to get dog food, I thought I would go back and post some different things that I never got around to posting from our trip back in September.  Seeing as it's already 10:00 and who knows how many times I'll be up with sick chil - ren tonight, this first post is a bit unfinished.  As in, in my mind many months ago it sounded grand and well-rounded.  Now, I'm just gonna slap up on here some of my different thoughts about this experience.
On our last beach morning, I took Meggie out to the ocean by herself.  She loves buckets and digging sand, so I had her carry a pail and shovel down.  To get to the beach, we walk over a long boardwalk, climb down some stairs, and walk on a sandy strip to the water.  I led the way and Meggie, with her bucket on one arm and shovel crooked around the other, followed.  I didn't look back to make sure she was there until I got all the way out to the big, sandy part - I just listened to the slap, slap, slap of her bare feet on the wood.

When I turned around to check her progress, I found her crouched at the base of the stairs, contentedly digging in the sand.
"Meggie!  Come on - come over here...let's go to the biiiiig sand," I called.  I motioned with my hand: "This way, let's dig by the water.  We're going to dig a sandcastle."  The bags on my own arms started to slip off from the weight, and the metal of my chair ground into my shoulder.  Salty wind teased my lips. 

She didn't look up.

A man and his wife passed by me on the other side, laughing and shaking their heads at my parenting predicament.  He stopped by Meg.

"Hey, little one.  There's a whole huge beach out there.  There's tons more sand.  You're missing the best part." 

She stayed focused on her project.  Sand slid off her shovel. sssffffffffffffftttttttttt. Into the bucket.
He shrugged his shoulders at me and sauntered up the steps.

I tried again.  "Meggie.  Let's go.  There's more sand out here.  Better sand.  Softer sand."

She didn't move.  I sighed and set up my chair and towels a short distance from the roped-off dunes where I could watch as she dug tunnels in the pathway.  Our Meggie's always gone her own way.  I know it'll serve her well when she's older.  Haven't I always been this way, too? 

I was sort of frustrated.  I had envisioned us down by the water, building moats and turrets and giggling at sand crab soldiers.  Here we were: stuck on the hottest part of the beach in the duney-sand drifts. 

She's missing the best part, I thought.  There's so much more out here than her little patch of sand.  She was so eager to dig that she settled for the first bit of sand that she found.  I can't believe she'd rather dig there when she could have THIS.  The vast Atlantic ocean galloped up the shore, foamy.  Seagulls dipped.

And yet - she's content there.  She has all she needs there.  She's happy.  She's digging.  She's oblivious to all around her, working on her project.

I let her be.
It made me wonder:  how often in life do we miss the big picture, the greatness that God has planned for our lives because we're so focused on the little patch of life, the immediate life that we can see, the limited scope?  How much more could we experience just by lifting our heads and plugging on?


Why do we need the big ocean, the big sand, the big?  How much more could we enjoy the little patch of life, the immediate life that we can see, the limited scope if we only learned to appreciate what's there?  There is contentment in the small sand.

I don't know.  I don't even have an ending.  But I do love the questions.  What do you think?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sick as a Dog

The WAIL erupted last night at 9:45 pm.

Kyle and looked at each other, eyebrows raised.

The WAIL could only mean one thing.  Alice Virginia has a fever.

Poor baby's been sick all day.  When she refused to eat at 10:00 pm and again this morning, I knew it was bad.  I searched the house over for motrin, but we only had tylenol.  I gave her that in four hour doses until Kyle came home early from work and picked some up from the store.  She just looks so pitiful with purplish-red, goopy eyes and a quivering lip.  UGH - It's just the worst having sick babies when they can't fully express what hurts and you can't be sure you're treating the right stuff.

All day I felt grateful for the opportunity I have to stay home with my girls every day.  I'm thankful that I have the time to hold them when they're sick and nurse them back to health again.  Time off to take care of them is built into my benefits. :)

The low point was this afternoon when I knew the tylenol wasn't working and had to get the fever down. I drew a luke warm bath and plopped both girls in the water.  My sweet AV screamed and screamed - I knew it must've felt like ice water to her fevered skin.  I kept her in there for a few minutes and then wrapped her in a towel.  Shortly after, Kyle pulled in and he watched Meggie while I rocked AV in Meg's big rocking chair.  She slept, and with the motrin in her system and the effects of the cool water, I felt her fever come down.

Her fever's not broken yet, but she's sleeping in her bed.  We're crossing our fingers for a good night. 

We did have a couple good minutes this morning when I was able to do "blanket time" with the girls.  Blanket time is a special time where we practice "self-control" by sitting on a blanket, reading stories, and singing songs.  Usually Meggie and I do it right after Baby Girl goes down for her morning nap to get in some Meggie-Mama time, but this morning we made room for AV.

And, yes, that IS my 2 year-old singing "Eternal Father Strong to Save" (The Navy Hymn).  Her Navy, musician daddy's taught her well.  I've included the lyrics so you can be suitably impressed by the words she's singing. :)  We LOVE that she loves music - and especially singing hymns.  She's always making a joyful noise about something around these parts.

Eternal Father, strong to save,
Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep
Its own appointed limits keep;
Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee,
For those in peril on the sea!

Monday, January 16, 2012

House on the Market Monday

We had big plans for MLK day.  Like going to the zoo with a picnic lunch.  It's on our must do one last time before we move list.

But then our realtor called and asked if we could do a showing today at 1:00 pm.  We told ourselves we could hurry up and still make it to the zoo, but instead, we spent all morning prepping for the unknown guests.  Having your house on the market causes strange conflicts in emotions and thought at every turn.  On the one hand, you rejoice that someone's really interested and your hopes are inflated that THIS could be the one.  On the other hand, you silently flay them as you fly around getting ready for ruining your plans on a day off and think positively bitter thoughts like they probably will never make an offer anyway.  And NO ONE will ever, ever, ever want to buy our house.

We've got it down to a science of who does what and we think we make a good team.  Kyle generally starts in our bathroom and closet and works his way to the kitchen.  I start in the kitchen, do the straightening and dusting in the living and dining rooms, and clean the girl's rooms.  Then, I scoop up Douglass and load him and the girls into the car.  I pull Kyle's car into the driveway and sweep the front stoop.  Meanwhile, Kyle vacuums himself out on the inside.  It was our 12th showing.

So we cleaned all morning and ate lunch at Chipotle while they came through.

It was a late naptime for the girls after lunch.  I gave AV her bottle while Kyle put Meg down in her room.  Now, we've had to go drastic and take everything - absolutely everything - out of her room so that she'll settle down and go to sleep.  Only, with a showing, we had to "place" everything back in there.  Kyle told me that all during her night-night routine she kept eying her books and asking about the books.  It was obvious that she had big plans to read and NOT to sleep.  So Kyle told me that he picked up the whole bookcase and carted it out into the hall.

From AV's bedroom and in premature teenage fashion, I heard Meggie throw herself onto the floor and scream, "NOOOOO, DADDY! I WANT MEGGIE'S BOOKS. BOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSS. BOOKS NOOOOOOOOOW."  We listened to the tired tantrum for a few minutes before she eventually fell asleep.

But, we discovered on getting her up that we had made the mistake of leaving a box of diapers in her closet.  All of the diapers were strewn about her carpet and she'd even swaddled one entirely around her sound machine.  Creativity is one of her strengths.  She also has a habit of diapering her bible. :)

After naptime, we didn't want to risk the house getting messed up again, so we went on a walk until dinner time - which was leftovers, thank goodness.  I did not have it anywhere within my bones to make supper. 

On our walk.  AV was ready to fall asleep.  Meggie was running out beside the stroller at this point, so all the pictures I have of her are blurry.
Dinner's done.  Girls in bed.  Kyle strumming on his electric guitar.  It's been an ordinary day, but one of working together.

A run-of-the-mill, house-on-the-market Monday.